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Xnxubd 2023- The Newly Released RTX 40 Series



Xnxubd 2023- The Newly Released RTX 40 Series

The development of advanced technology in the gaming industry has been thriving for Nvidia, as they keep improving their graphics card every year.

The previously released Xnxubd 2021 was declared to be running at its peak with few complications – the frame rate for android supports 70 frame rates per second.

However, the recent updates on their interface design have led to announce its all-new Nvidia Geforce Xnxubd 2023.

With the release of the new Xnxubd 2023, older models of the drivers can be updated by visiting the official website.

Nvidia provides a wide range of drivers for users according to their interests, for gamers the experts suggest going for Game already drivers, whereas people who develop content and edit videos should choose Studio Ready drivers.

RTX 40 Series Release Updates And Price

The fresh RTX 40 series was released on January 2023 with advanced modifications. The much-anticipated gamers could see a peak improvement over the RTX 30 series.

RTX 40 Series Release Updates And Price

The makers of the product have assured that the current graphics can run 50% better than the 2021 released RTX 30 series. The RTX 40 series comes in three products RTX 4090, 4080, and 4070 Ti.

All of these graphic cards come with Ada Lovelace architecture, as the Ampere cards maxed out at the RTX 3080 Ti. The Ada Lovelace is built based on the TSMNC’S N4.

This means that it is manufactured using 4nm process nodes which is twice smaller as the previous gen Ampere cards which were 8 nm nodes. The smaller the nodes means the company is capable of building massive cores.

The new gen graphic cards have jumped in core counts to 18,432 CUDA core from 10,752 in half-matured AD102 GPU. the latest updates also come with DLSS 3, which is capable of boosting the frame rate per second and improving in ray tracing performance

From the test results between the RTX 4090 and its predecessors, the RTX 4090 has proven to perform 68% faster than RTX 3090Ti and 89% faster than RTX 3090.

The newly released graphics are believed to come with DLSS 3, which is another leap for Nvidia, yet many have criticized for the feature to improve further in the forthcoming generations as it affects the overall experience of the game.

Further tests have been conducted to determine the efficiency of the graphic card. The reports ensure that RTX 40 series is capable of delivering much better performance than its rivals AMD’S RX 7900 series.

The price for the RTX 40 series at $799 for RTX 4070 Ti, RTX 4080 for $1,199, and RTX 4090 for $1,1599. These prices are believed to be steal deals compared to the performance the product delivers.

How To Update Nvidia Drivers?

Unlike other drivers, updating Nvidia drivers is pretty simple as you only need to be checked if your graphic cards support the new driver. The next thing to check is if the graphic card is properly connected to the power supply and attached to the PCI-E slot.

Nvidia Drivers updations

To utilize most of the graphics card the HDMI plugs on the monitor should be connected to the right port of the GPU.

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Before installing the drivers, you should uninstall previous drivers to remove all the data and free up the storage in the device for the new graphic card.

Latest Specifications

The previously released RTX 30 series has an ampere architecture and 2nd generation RT core and third-generation tensor.

It also highlights some of the innovative factors such as the most anticipated wait for a 7 nm engineered nano chip over the 12 nm design which hopes to be a significant improvement for gamers.

These specifications enable to use of GDDR 6x type memory card, which provides an amazing speed quality to boost performance. The entire RTX 30 series supports Nvidia DLSS, which improves the performance of AI upscale games

Regarding the mobile versions, Nvidia has not given any updates. Earlier the company promised to announce 60 fps gaming at 4k with RTX 40 series graphic cards to deliver high performance.

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