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An Argentinian Girl,12, Died After Accepting The TikTok Chocking Challenge



An Argentinian Girl,12, Died After Accepting The TikTok Chocking Challenge

A 12-year-old Argentinian girl tragically died after accepting a viral TikTok choking challenge as a result of bullying she faced from her school. Milagros Soto, 12, died on January 13 in Santa Fe Province, Argentina.

As per the reports, the girl was found on the spot with a rope tightly wrapped around her neck last Friday while an attempt to record the so-called blackout challenge. 

The Deadly TikTok Challenge Claims The Life Of Many

The choking challenge encourages people to test their ability to hold their breath. They accept the challenge from their peer group or the public and do it until they win. It makes severe health issues and even causes death also.  

The Deadly TikTok Challenge Claims The Life Of Many

Her relatives came with their grief by saying they can’t accept the devastating news. They are disconsolate. They gave Milagros Soto all their love and care. 

Soto’s aunt Laura Luque explained Soto had received a message through her WhatsApp with the link to the challenge. Their girl suffered a lot from bullying. It was so cruel. It seems someone has encouraged her to do it. 

Luque explained “she told us no one wanted her at school because she was pretty with blond hair” and added, “we have many doubts about everything that happened to her”.

As per the reports, Soto live-streamed the challenge to her friends. She successfully completed the challenge twice and she was failing on the third attempt to remove the noose from her. Her father discovered her body in her bedroom after he came from his work. 

Her motivation for accepting the challenge is still unclear. Further investigation has progressed regarding this tragic death because one of her close relatives has claimed that someone has encouraged Soto to do it. 

A spokesperson from her school Pablo Ricchieri in Captain Bermudez has explained about the victim. She was one of the top students in their school. She was a great student, friend, and kind and sweet girl. And the school announced they support her family at this terrible moment. Her community was devastated over the loss of their little girl. “RIP and shine for her the light that has no end”

Accepting challenges from several social media viral content has become a new trend. According to the reports from Daily Beats, the blackout challenge has taken around 20 children’s life. 

The New York Post explains that experts have warned about the consequences of attempting viral content between children. It came with after-effects including brain damage, worse, seizure, and fainting. 

TikTok is facing lawsuits for sharing misleading death content that cause the death of minors from all over the world by accepting several challenges. The blackout challenge has been known as the most dangerous challenge in TikTok in 2021 leading to the tragic death of children continuously. 

Similar incidents have been reported earlier. In California, two girls were killed after attempting to do the blackout challenge. 

Soto’s family members have come up with a post that aware parents about similar attempts. 

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Involvement Of The TikTok

Soto’s attempt was clearly captured while she making a video call with her friends. She failed to remove the noose at the final attempt. 

Several misleading contents are shared through TikTok. People show interest to accept those as a challenge proving their capability and excellency by winning it. 

People selected TikTok as a platform for making and sharing similar content. Reports say streaming content that harms animals, birds, and the human gets great reach. 

People of all ages show interest in imitating such interesting challenges without knowing the consequences. Similar incidents filed a lawsuit against TikTok in former years. 

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