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Detroit Rappers Armani Kelly, Dante Wicker, Montoya Givens Missing



Detroit Rappers Armani Kelly, Dante Wicker, Montoya Givens Missing

According to the report from Detroit Police Department, three rappers have gone missing after confirming the cancellation of their club show. 

Rappers named Armani Kelly 28, Montoya Givens 31, and Dante Wicker 31 have reportedly vanished since their program at a club in Detroit was suddenly forced to be canceled.

As per the reports from the commander of major crimes in Detroit Mr. Michael McGinnis, the three rappers met each other in a prison. The three rappers are supposed to be performed together on January 21.  

Three of the rap artists missing together is twisting. It concerns the investigation officers also. 

McGinnis came with remarkable information from their investigation that the rappers are missing since the moment the upcoming performance of the local rappers was canceled. 

Rappers’ phones stopped having any activity from the early morning hours of January 22 and still raising questions about their missing. 

The Progress In Investigation

The investigation was started by multiple agencies following a complaint filed by the mother of one of the rappers about the missing of her son. The next day she made a report of the missing of her son. 

Detroit Rappers Missing Investigation

According to McGinnis she also actively helped the investigation process and started searching by herself for her vehicle through OnStar services. 

She found her vehicle in Warren where officials have done an investigation and recovered the car on January 23. 

Information about the rappers’ disappearance was spread over social media after some days. News about Kelly’s missing was generated through the media from January 27 onwards. 

Kelly’s mother, Lorrie Kemp also came in an attempt to find out about her son by posting several flyers all around Lancing. 

According to the reports from the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System database, Kelly left his home on January 21. He made calls at around 5 p.m. when he arrived in Detroit, his family members have reported. 

Kelly informed his family that he was going to find another place to perform before leaving. 

According to McGinnis, family members of other rappers also came with speculations regarding the disappearance of their loved ones and reported about the missing of their rapper.

The officials took their maximum efforts to find out the rappers and McGinnis remarked that they want to find out the rappers and give them back to their loved ones.

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Must really think about the situation of their family it generates energy to find out about them. They still don’t have any answers when asking about their rappers. They are unknown of where their loved one is. 

McGinnis said they need help to find out them. And added if somebody knows something regarding the disappearance of rappers, please contact the authority and share the information. 

According to James White, Detroit Police Chief missing person investigators and homicide also help to find out rap artists by involving in the investigation.

They are looking at everything to find out them. The investigators believe the rappers were together at Lounge 31. 

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