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Jill Biden kiss Dough Emhoff: First Lady Jill Biden kisses Second Gentleman Dough Emhoff



Jill Biden kisses second gentleman Dough Emhoff

This was the strangest awkward moment for Joe Biden when his wife Jill Biden kissed the husband of Kamala Harris, Dough Emhoff. It was on Tuesday night that this awkward kiss happened when Joe Biden was delivering his second state of the union address, the first after he lost the majority in the US House of Representatives. Let us check out this interesting news that is swirling over the internet. 

Jill Biden kissed Dough Emhoff! 

It seems really an awkward moment for the US house of representatives when an unexpected kiss happened between the two major figures of the state shared a kiss that happened spur of the moment. 

Jill Biden kiss Dough Emhoff

It was absolutely a surreal moment when US president Joe Biden was all prepared to deliver his state of the Union speech, and during that time Jill Biden stole the show by making an awkward kiss on the lips of Kamala Harris’ husband Dough Emhoff. 

All this happened within a blink of an eye and the first lady just made her way to the second gentleman, Dough Emhoff. And when the duo clasped their hand, the moment came that was bound to go viral, and when their friendly embrace ended up as a kiss on the lips. Maybe it was miscalculated hug-turned-into-kiss, either way, the duo has been trending all over social media when the snippet from the event was released. 

Several tabloids teased “Smooch of the Union”, and the photo was zoomed in by netizens to ascertain that it was a kiss on the lips. Several close-ups of that cozy embrace show how Jill Biden’s lips are landing on one side of Kamala Harris’s husband’s mouth. 

This was a golden opportunity for Biden’s critics to open up and they pounced on the apparent slip-up without a shadow of a doubt, and moreover, Kellyanne Conway commented “Wow, Covid really is over”. 

So the internet is crammed with these sorts of comments and Jill Biden is mocked over the internet for a miscalculated kiss. The New York post describes this as a “cozy display” and Twitter and other social media platforms are flocked with memes and trolls as they allegedly claim that this kiss does not seem so normal. 

One of the tweets was: “The GOP is having a collective heart attack because Jill Biden pecked Dough Emhoff on the lips. If you needed any more proof they all have mommy issues”. 

But for the US President and for the Vice President, it does not seem a big deal to them and in that wake of the moment he delivered a highly combative speech in which he explicitly addressed the key concerns facing America right now. 

He lectured about the economic bounceback and his own administration’s legislative record before pinpointing the Republican hecklers. Biden exclaimed that: “The story of America is a story of progress and resilience. We are the only country that has emerged from every crisis stronger than when we entered it. That is what we are doing again”. 

So amidst this awkward kiss moment, Joe Biden vociferously talked about the welfare of his country and how all should together cooperate for the goal to achieve. Jill Biden or Dough Emhoff has not even reacted to their sensational kiss and it seems that none of these things really matters to their life. 

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