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“High On Love: A Valentine’s Shift? Cannabis vs. Roses”



High on Love Why Cannabis Flowers are Stealing the Spotlight from Roses on Valentine's Day - Is it Time for a Change

Being in love is like drug addiction. Just like drugs, the passionate feelings of romantic love impact your brain positively as it helps unleash euphoria and brain chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline, and vasopressin.

If this works, why can’t this Valentine’s day be filled with more love and some realistic drugs? As cannabis is becoming more accepted among the public, it appears to be the best Valentine’s day gift for a new beginning. 

A New Trend Of Love And Adventure Sweeping The Nation

This valentines day, people are going to experience more love with something entirely different. As per the latest survey, around 150 million Americans are planning to surprise their loved ones this year on the day of love with a ‘cannabis flower bouquet.’

Some couples believe that this will help them know their partner well while others who are experiencing their first date, will get to partake in a little adventurous date by combining some cannabis. 

According to some who partake very often, they believe that cannabis will help them to connect in different ways when they are high. They even think that this will help them enhance more fun and pleasure while enjoying their private time with their partner.  

cannabis flower bouquet

From an interview with a cannabis expert, it was learned that relaxation is the primary feeling necessary for arousal. And for this, cannabis or weed is one of the best choices as it helps calm down your mind. They even suggest that the daily routines including the food consumed, the things people go through in their daily life, etc could affect the mood and even make it difficult to enjoy pleasurable moments. 

As per the findings of Devin Morrison, a long-time sex industry educator, taking cannabis before a date will help both men and women to reduce the pain they experience during intercourse. Because the major reason for the different pains experienced by people is majorly due to inflammation. And she suggests that taking cannabis at a certain amount will lower inhibitions, reduce the symptoms of anxiety and even most importantly reduce inflammation. As a result, couples can enjoy sex more and even try out new things to make their date memorable and special. 

Studies carried out by experts suggest that weed helps strengthen the senses. And because of this, it helps individuals in staying more connected with their partner in bed and even makes their intercourse present and pleasurable. 


While speaking of cannabis, some will doubt how this works and how one can take this for experiencing the most from their special moments. Since there exist different ways and it is available in different forms, choosing the one that suits you could be a little tricky. But once you get through it then you’ll become unstoppable in romance. 

Firstly, as most are aware, either you can incorporate cannabis through smoking or vaping. And if your partner is not into this, then no issues, a long list waits for you. You can either use the concentrated weeds or tincture that can be infused into your food directly which is much easier. 

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As cannabis is now legal in several parts of the country, its products are now easily available in stores in different forms. You can get topical gels, creams, concentrated oils, etc that can be a perfect companion for a soothing body massage that can refresh you inside out and give you a memorable night with your partner. Also, nowadays infused lubes are available in the market both online and offline, which could boost your performance in bed. 

With the vast list of choices, you can even get confused while choosing some products. One thing that must be cared about before making your purchase is that the product you purchased suits your body type and won’t cause any negative impact on your health. Secondly, make sure that the product is authentic and doesn’t carry the right amount of drugs and not THC. Also, remember to avoid driving or any other such activities in order to avoid any risks. 

Cannabis Products

Furthermore, while taking any product make sure not to mix it with any other substances like alcohol and be sure that you are completely fine after using weed and that it doesn’t bring any negative impact on your health. Also, if you are planning on purchasing online, make sure that your purchase is authentic and not an imitation. 

This valentine’s day will be special for all cannabis lovers as they’ll get to experience something more amazing than the usual way of celebrating the day of love with their most loved ones. 

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