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Murdaugh Murders: Where Is The Murdaugh Family Home Located?



Murdaugh Murders Where Is The Murdaugh Family Home Located

Since the release of Netflix’s three-part docuseries, “Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal”, netizens have been making the rounds regarding the Murdaugh Family. The series is based on the real story of the Murdaugh Murders.

The case became a national sensation when Alex Murdaugh was accused of the murders of her wife and 22-year-old son Paul.

Currently, the case is still on trial. Alex has made failed attempts to harm himself to prevent ‌court hearings.

The murder took place in the dog kennels on the property of the Murdaugh Family, Moselle Farm at 4147 Moselle Road, South Carolina. Their bodies were later dumped at the family’s hunting lodge in Islandton, South Carolina. 

What Is Currently Happening To The Murdaugh Residence At 4147 Moselle Road?

Moselle’s Farm covers around 1,770 acres. The sprawling estate floors with a farm; two miles of river for kayaking, fishing, and other activities; a hunting site with plenty of duck, turkey, and deer; a 12-run dog kennel, and a custom-built modern home.

The Moselle farms also include a diverse habitat of forests along with mixed pine plantations. It also has a 20-acre dove field and a rifle shooting range.

The custom-built home has been upgraded recently; it now comes with improvements such as a Hardie Plank siding, and a new metal roof. It has a spacious floor that can be converted into a weekend hunting lounge and can host around 15 people altogether. The appliances are smart and ideally suited to entertain large groups

As Alex’s case has been on trial, the fate of Moselle’s estate is in the hands of the court. It is presumed that the property was earlier listed for sale back in February. The listing statement reads out “This is truly a top-tier property, complete with all the improvements and amenities one would expect from a high-end sporting property with little or no deferred maintenance cost.”

However, the property is listed on the Crosby Land Company, a Land brokerage firm. On its website, the $3.9 million worth of property is presently under contract, which means that a buyer for the property has been decided.

The details of the purchase have not been unveiled yet. Furthermore, it is believed that all the proceeds from the sale will reportedly go toward a settlement of the fatal boat accident back in 2019, which led to the killing of Mallory Beach and the injuring of other passengers.

Evidence in the case suggests that the crash happened when Paul Murdaugh was driving under the influence of alcohol and fatally crashed into a bridge, near Parris Island. The crash sent several passengers flying overboard.

All the passengers were injured except Mallory Beach, who never made it out of the water that night, and was found eight days later, about five miles away from the crash site. 

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Following Mallory Beach’s death‌ case, the Murdaugh and Beach family settled. However, this settlement also closes the civil law against the estate filed by the Beach family connected to the boat crash.

The exact figure of the settlement has not been disclosed but it also encloses paying an undisclosed amount to Morfgan Doughty, Miley Altman, Conor Cook, and all other passengers on the night of the boat crash.

Buster Mudraugh, turned victim will also receive $530,000, from the sale of her mother Maggie’s estate. Once the property is sold, attorneys will also be compensated for the case. 

In addition to the case, Alex Murdaugh, who is not facing the trial has been ‌accused of confronting injured teen passengers of the boat crash, telling them not to speak to law enforcement post-crash.

Presently, he has pleaded not guilty to the killing of his wife and younger son. Only time can tell the judgment of the court.

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