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Linda Kasabian Death: Manson Family Member Linda Kasabian Died At The Age Of 73



Former Member of the infamous Manson Family passed away at the age of 73.

The Mansion Family was an active commune, gang, and cult which was led by Charles Manson. The group was active throughout the late 60s and early 70s in California.

On January 21, 2023, Linda Kasabian was reported dead at the age of 73. Although the cause of her death wasn’t disclosed it came to be known to the media that the former member of the Manson Family died in a hospital in Tacoma and her body was cremated after her death.

Kasabian was the only member of the cult who managed to escape jail since she only drove the getaway car for members on the night they murdered actress Sharon Tate and her friends in August 1969. She was the one who gave testimonials that led Charles Manson and his followers to prison. 

Although many details regarding her death aren’t out yet, it came to notice that she has changed her last name to ‘Chiochios’ as per the death certificate issued. The change is believed to have been made in order to protect her identity while dissociating herself from the cult.

During the Manson trial that was held in the 1970-71 period, she has aided with immunity in exchange for her to appear as the key prosecution witness. In the testimonial that lasted for around 18 days, she explained the 1969 murders held under the guidance of their chief in a graphical representation that helped the court.

Who Is Linda Kasabian?

Linda Kasabian was born in Linda Drouin in Biddeford, Maine, on June 21, 1949. The young girl’s parents were separated since her childhood and just like them, she even got married at the young age of 16 after dropping out of high school soon after her marriage, she was divorced. 

Linda Kasabian Death:

How Did She End Up With The Mansion Family?

Later after her divorce, she remarried another man named Robert Kasabian, a hippie and the two of them started traveling around the country living a hippie life and enjoying the most out of it. They moved from commune to commune and had their first kid together but things never were the same for the two afterward. Linda, along with her daughter Tanya returned to New Hampshire.

While trying out for reconciliation he asked her to return to California since he was living there in Topanga Canyon with another man named Charles Manson, who later introduced her to the Manson family member Catherine Share who was also a Gypsy. Since things didn’t work out well with Melton she joined the family. 

Linda Kasabian Death: Manson Family Member Linda Kasabian Died At The Age Of 73

What Was Her Role In The Murder?

As the only member of the family with a valid driver’s license, she was chosen to drive the killers to the scenic spot on August 8, 1969. Although she had no intention of being a part of the crime, she accidentally became one of the eyewitnesses of the murder carried out by the family. 

Linda saw Charles shooting Steven Parent who was killed at the spot while trying to escape the property. Later, she was instructed to return to the front gate in order to stand guard against them while others went inside to commit the rest of the murders. After hearing the screams from inside, it was reported that she ran inside the main house to stop them from committing the crime where she saw a man who was stabbed to death in front of the house. 

Later after the incident, she managed to escape from the family to New Mexico, leaving her daughter behind whom she later collected from the foster care where she was admitted. She went to Rob Kasabian, her husband, who at the time was living with another woman, and explained to him what all happened to her. 

After getting back her daughter, she returned to her father’s home in Florida and later to New Hampshire where her mom lived.  

Was The Young Woman Innocent?

As per the reports, it was known that Linda testified during the trial that she never committed any crime rather than driving the killers to the scene. She disclosed that she witnessed bloodshed. 

It was after her testimonial, the killers of the two murders were sentenced to prison for life.   

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