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Travis Ruffin Accident: Travis Ruffin Cause Of Death Explained



Travis Ruffin Accident Travis Ruffin Cause Of Death Explained

On February 25, 2023, Travis Kwamayne Ruffin, a well-known personality and the founder of Ruffins Service Center was announced dead after encountering a single-vehicle wreck near the intersection of N.C. 58 and U.S. 264 Alternate.

The 33-year-old man was reported to be driving under the influence of alcohol. According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol. Sgt. J.S. Smith, who identified the victim as Ruffin, believes that the young man could have lost control of his car which resulted in a crash in Wilson, North Carolina. 

Who Is Travis Ruffin? What Happened To Him?

The obituary of Travis Ruffin has been shocking news to his friends and family. The news was later confirmed by his mother, Michelle McCoy Jones, through social media platforms, and in memory of her son, she quoted, “Lord I know sometimes we take life for granted. Just when we don’t expect that this will happen to us all over again but my son is gone and my heart is broken.”

Travis Ruffin-Cause Of Death

From the Facebook post, it seems that Travis was not the only son of Michelle who passed away at a very young age, rather she could have lost around three of her children. In the post, we could see the agony of a mother who lost her three children one by one.

Although she had suffered a lot throughout her life with the demise of her children, she still has her faith in God and never complains to him about his deeds. Rather she asks him to bless her family who is having the hardest time at present. She ends the post with the quote, “GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN” and even has a picture of her long-lost children. 

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The 33-year-old young entrepreneur was born and brought up in Wilson, North Carolina. He graduated from Wilson Community College prior to his business endeavors. The young man was liked by all and had a public image that he received for his kindness and good-heartedness. He was highly respected by all, being the founder of a service center at a very young age. 

According to the officials who attended the crime scene, it was reported that Travis suffered life-threatening injuries that he encountered from the tragic car crash. Friends and family of the late entrepreneur showered their heartfelt condolences to the soul and even cared to pray for the rest of the family members of the dead who are going through some difficult phase of life.  

Travis Ruffin Accident-Cause Of Death

Travis was romantically connected to Shateraa Moneek, his long-time girlfriend, who after knowing about the death of her beloved, posted on her Facebook how heartbroken she is after her great loss. She quoted that she believed she knew what ‘hurt’ was before, but at present, she is experiencing something that she hasn’t felt before. She states that she is more than hurt and that is beyond explanation. She ended her post by quoting how much she loved him in this life.       

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The crash was believed to have happened around 4 am and it was stated that he drove a 2011 Dodge Charger. At the time of his death, he had thousands of followers on his Facebook page and he was very active on it rather than any social media platform.

He had over 7.6k followers and after his sudden demise, his followers are flooding the comments section with their love for a dear friend and good brother that they lost halfway through their life. 

He was regarded as a nice person for his kind nature and his behavior towards his customers. The death of Travis was a much-unexpected one and it is still unclear why he would have violated the rules which resulted in the tragic crash. People who are still getting aware of the news are paying homage to the soul and are even cared about the family.

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