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Matamoros Victims Found: Many Missing Americans In Mexico Remain Unfound



Matamoros Victims Found Two Of Them Died, 550 Americans Are Still Missing In Mexico

Four Americans were kidnapped by Armed Gunmen in Mexico in the city of Matamoros. The four were supposedly traveling for surgery in the city when armed gunmen mistakenly apprehended the citizens believing them as Haitian drug traffickers

Matamoros Victims Found – Dead Or Alive?

The victims were recorded by the gunmen. Where they dragged their bodies. In the video itself, one of the victims was seen injured. However, no negotiations or information were passed between the state and the cartel, until now.

Matamoros Victims Found - Dead Or Alive

According to reports, four of them have been found but unfortunately, two of them were reported dead. The victims, Shaeed Woodard and Zindell Brown were the ones who had been found dead by the Mexican gunmen. The Mexican authorities are yet to examine the remains before they turn over the body to the U.S. government.

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As the victim had no recorded criminal history, the authorities ruled out any possible connections with the cartel as there was no evidence to follow up. One of the victims, Eric Williams was badly shot in both legs in the incident. 

The four of them were traveling when they lost their way to the hospital and were later fired by a cartel and dragged to their van. They told authorities that they were struggling to reach the office amid a poor cellular network.

However, they were found in a wooden house in Matamoros to avoid tracking the suspects as well as to create confusion for the authorities as per the Governer Americo Villarreal.

The above-mentioned video circulated the internet which forced the U.S. government to focus more on the case. However, there have more missing cases of young kids as well as others. It is believed that more than 550 people are still reported as missing. It is unknown whether the missing individuals are breathing or not. Some missing cases were reported more than five years ago.

At the same time, it is a relief for the families that there has been an update on the case of the latest four victims unlike other families who have still been hoping for their children to return, without knowing whether they are alive or not,

What About The Remaining Missing Cases?

The families are concerned when the authorities and the government are not prioritizing every case as the same. Even some of the families have been questioning the effectiveness of the officials. There have been claims that the government has not given ultimate effort in every other case. They have been accused of prioritizing cases that put pressure on them.

Families cite the example of the authority’s efforts to offer $50,000 to whoever finds the information about the suspect that brings justice to the victims. The families believe that it was because of the domination of the story in American households. In addition, they hope that if the authorities spit out the same dedication in every other missing case they will be able to reunite with their families.

Even at times, officials respond as they don’t have any right to intervene with Mexican issues many times but with these developments, the victims of the missing persons refused to believe the statement as they now realize that it was not true. 

From these developments, the families of the ongoing missing cases are assured that authorities could follow up on missing cases if they set out to.

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The missing cases have been further rising as days pass. Mexican offices running after these missing cases are understaffed and are at roadblocks with financial issues. Thus they could not solve every case. It appears that as the days pass, ‌families are only committed to the issue while the rest flows with the latest cases.

American family only hopes for the authorities to act on how they release statements during interviews. The family hopes the authorities will display the same commitment as the weight of their words.

Although, at the same time, the U.S. government is toiling hard to help ‌citizens ‌reunite with their families. It is concerning that families are still in tears. But it is crucial to work together patiently. In these hard times, we all pray for the lost ones to find their home.

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