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Robert Parker Accident – How Did Robert Parker Die? Cause Of Death To ATV & SXS Mud Racing Champion



Robert Parker Accident

ATV & SXS Mud Racing Champion Robert Parker passed away at the early age of 38 after encountering a horrific ATV accident. As the news gets widespread, fans of the mud racer are paying tribute through the internet to the departed soul, his family, and those close to him. 

On March 15, 2023, 911 received a call reporting an ATV rollover accident on Turlington Road near Coats Erwin Middle School. Later, it came to notice that Parker was involved in the accident. Also, because the injuries from the accident were severe, the racer lost his life. 

As fans of the mud racer pay tribute all over the internet, more and more people are concerned about the late rider and his family. Check out the article to know more about the ATV & SXS Mud Racing Champion.

Who Was Robert Parker?

Robert Parker, one of the most prominent mud racers of the time, started his career in Mud Racing at an early age and grew into prominence very fastly. He created a name of his own in his field by being the best and bravest driver of all. 

He is considered an ideal role model for others who are interested in mud racing. Throughout his career as a racer, the 38-year-old man has achieved numerous victories and honors. He is a skilled driver who does everything in mud racing, including dirt drag strips, short courses, bounty holes, etc. 

Parker has won many achievements within a short time, including two class championships. During the Super Modified (Open) class he completed the race in first place. Also, after that, he won four races consequently including two podium finishes and 820 total points. 

The Outlander ATV racer has also succeeded in the Pro B class on his TMR Outlander MAX with five victories. The North Carolina man in his late 30s was survived by his wife and three children until death. 

After the news of the racer’s death became widespread, his wife took it to the internet and stated that she lost her best friends and the best dad to her kids through the accident. She even asked the fans who are paying tribute to the resting soul to pray for her, their kids, family, friends, and all those who love her husband as they go through a hard time saying goodbye to their loved one. 

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What happened to Robert Parker? How Did Robert Parker Die?

The renowned racer of Team Momentum racing was reported dead on March 15, 2023, after he encountered an accident. He resides in Benson, North Carolina along with his family. From his wife’s words, it is clear that he was a lovely husband and an adorable father to his kids. 

Until his death, the racer had a very bright career and was loved by all. From the witnesses of the accident, it was reported an all-terrain vehicle rolled over the mud racer. The incident was said to have happened at 4.44 p.m., and 911 received a call requesting EMS and fire departments as an ATV wreck was reported. 

Although they made it to the scene rapidly, it was still uncertain whether the racer was alive at the time or not. By this time, people at the scene had started giving CPR and other first aid, but even after all these, there was no response from him. Parker sustained several injuries and was taken to a hospital in a medical helicopter. But unfortunately, he couldn’t make it to the hospital and was reported dead before boarding the flight. 

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