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Barbie Bassett: WLBT Meteorologist Removed For Quoting Snoop Dogg On Air



Barbie Bassett WLBT Meteorologist Removed For Quoting Snoop Dogg On Air

An experienced journalist and meteorologist in Mississippi Barbie Bassett were fired from the broadcast team after uttering a racially insensitive phrase from a Snoop Dogg lyric on television. The word was used during a live broadcast.

On the WLBT website, the biographies of all of the on-air personalities, including Barbie Bassett’s, have been erased.

WLBT staff employees have disregarded calls, emails, and messages regarding Bassett when they have been approached about him.

Ted Fortenberry, WLBT’s vice president, and general manager, posted a statement on social media in which he stated that the station is unable to comment on things pertaining to its employees because “I am sure you would understand.”

The on-air staff respectfully declined to comment and instead sent any questions to top management to respond to.

Who Is Barbie Bassett?

Being the anchor for WLBT since 1989, Barbie Bassett has become the most trusted news source for people living in the Jackson area.

The level of professionalism she displays and the dedication she shows to her work have garnered her a lot of praise.

WLBT Meteorologist Barbie Bassett

Bassett got her start in the journalism career at WJTV, which is located in her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi.

In 1989, she began her career at WLBT, and since then, she has established herself as a regular on the evening news.

Over the course of her career, she has reported on a wide range of topics, from breaking news to concerns of human interest.

One of Bassett’s most valuable skills as a journalist is her capacity to connect with the people who read her work.

She has a kind and welcoming manner, and she is dedicated to reporting on problems that are important to the people living in Mississippi, both of which contribute to her popularity with the general population.

Bassett has spent her entire professional life working tirelessly for the betterment of her town.

She has been a frequent lecturer at local universities, where she encourages young people to seek careers in journalism by sharing her own views and experiences with them and speaking about her own experiences as a journalist.

She is a journalist, and she has used her influence to call attention to important social issues and to champion the causes of the disadvantaged through her work with various charity organizations.

She has also utilized her influence to bring attention to pressing social concerns.

She was the first person to hold the position of chief meteorologist at the station in its more than fifty years of operation.

Bassett’s resume includes stints in the entertainment industry as a ventriloquist, pianist, model, and opera singer.

On social media, individuals’ perspectives regarding the station’s decision to fire Bassett have been split, with some users supporting the station’s actions while others fiercely condemning Bassett’s words.

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In spite of the fact that she has over 51,000 followers on Facebook and nearly 16,000 followers on Twitter, Bassett has not updated her Facebook profile since March 8.

In one of these postings, Bassett asserts that she seeks out feedback eagerly and does her best to respond to each and every one of the comments she receives.

Nonetheless, Bassett has maintained radio silence on the subject despite the fact that other persons have expressed their opinions on the happenings of March 8.

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