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Pride Month 2023: NYC Pride Announces Theme For This Year!



Pride Month 2023

New York City celebrates Pride Month (also called LGBTQ Month) with a lot of respect, honor, and happiness. It is dedicated to the commemoration of bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender citizens.

The first pride month ever began soon after the end of the Stonewall riots. During this time, the atmosphere is filled with celebratory dance, music, and shows! Just like every year, the Pride Month of 2023 is all set to take place. Here are all the details about its theme and what is going to happen.

Strength In Solidarity

It is celebrated in the month of June when the United States along with other countries feels the colorful air. The vibrant and spirited parades are observed along with workshops, festivals, parties, and picnics.

The theme of 2023’s Pride Month is “Strength in Solidarity”. It is focusing on the community’s resilience and power and is all set to kickstart the celebrations with various programs and events.

Strength In Solidarity

New York City’s Pride Month aims to focus on all the good that can happen and still has to be accomplished. This can be done by supporting and motivating each other.

As the members of the community come together, there’s a celebration of power in solidarity. They face intimidation from the straight community but it only motivates them to work harder to support each other. Although the world tries to alienate them, the community still stands for the betterment of its members.

Importance Of Pride Month 2023

The theme of Pride Month this year sheds light on the importance of the culture that the LGBTQ+ community stands for. Here, the distinctiveness of every person is acknowledged and celebrated. Not only this but when the people come together, they generate a strong power to fight society.

In the past, the community of LGBTQ+ has seen increasing attacks on its members. This has especially happened in the form of physical and legislative violence. The people are targeting BIPOC and transgender individuals. As New York City is lending its utter support, Pride is trying to put the focus on the community that is still resilient.

According to the Pride Month calendar, on the 17th of June, The Rally (a legacy event) would take place. On the 25th of June, the Pride Month group will display the annual march, Pride Island, and Pride Fest.

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Importance Of Pride Month 2023

Here is what Sandra Pérez; the executive director of NYC’s Pride said – Several people in the community are identified for their ingenuity and undying creativity. When these people are merged with the community threads of the allies, there is a beautiful tapestry that can be produced.

Adding to this, Sandra also said that in 2022, there were 91% of bills against the LGBTQ+ community that failed to turn into action. As we step into 2023, the lawmakers of NYC have again introduced around 400 bills so that the basic freedom and rights of the LGBTQ+ community can be withheld.

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These include two six from New Jersey and two from Connecticut. The majority of the bills directly attacked transgenders and their families. These kinds of attacks happening against the LGBTQ+ community require everyone to reinforce commitments. This would help individuals showcase their talent, fortify bonds, empower collaborations, and more.

The co-chair of NYC Pride André Thomas said that the blood, tear, and sweat of this community is the foundation of the culture built in New York City.

So, let’s come together and celebrate Pride Month gracefully!

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