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Tomasz Roman Kosowski: Florida Plastic Surgeon Charged For Murdering Lawyer Steve Cozzi



Tomasz Roman Kosowski Florida Plastic Surgeon Charged For Murdering Lawyer Steve Cozzi

A lawyer who was working for defendants in a lawsuit brought by a plastic surgeon in Florida is missing after vanishing during a break to use the restroom at the law office where he was employed by the defendants. This has led to the plastic surgeon being probed for possible murder.

Dr. Tomasz Kosowski, 44, was taken into custody and charged with the murder of attorney Steven Cozzi on Saturday, according to the Largo police department.

Cozzi had been missing since Tuesday, when he was last seen at his workplace, Blanchard Law, in Tampa.

Kosowski was taken into custody on Saturday and charged with the murder of Cozzi.

The authorities have reported seeing blood pools in a restroom at the workplace, but they have not been able to find Cozzi’s body.

The victim left his car, wallet, and phone in the parking lot, where they were also forgotten by the victim.

Lawyer Steve Cozzi Murder

After the investigation, the police in Largo released a statement stating that a strong chemical odor as well as little traces of blood were discovered in the men’s washroom of the office building.

Lawyer Steve Cozzi Murder

Following a forensic examination, blood was discovered in the same restroom that was under scrutiny.

As part of their investigation, the law enforcement officials acquired an order to search the residence that Kosowski bought in Tarpon Springs in 2018 for a total price of one million dollars.

The police claim that they pulled over Kosowski’s vehicle on Saturday due to evidence obtained from the search warrant; however, the specifics of this evidence have not been disclosed to the general public.

Cozzi, who was 41 years old at the time, has not been found dead, and his body has not been recovered either. At this juncture, the investigation is still ongoing and open.

This lawyer was working for a company that was representing the individuals who accused the surgeon in court.

According to an initial story published by the Tampa Bay Times, Kosowski has taken legal action against the Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery on the grounds of negligence, breach of contract, and fraudulent misrepresentation.

On the morning that Cozzi was reported missing, Kosowski submitted motions to compel testimony from the insurance biller; however, the insurance biller opposed testifying.

After then, the surgeon filed a motion against the biller seeking a judgment as a matter of law for “failure to file responsive pleadings.”

According to The Daily Beast, in the days leading up to Cozzi’s arrest, his family and friends had turned to social media in an effort to find the attorney who had gone missing.

In a statement that she issued to WFLA, Cozzi’s mother Lois described the family’s reaction to Steven’s disappearance as being “frantic with fear and paralyzed with terror.”

To our great relief, a search warrant was granted, and the officers were able to gain entry to Mr. Kosowski’s home.

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According to Fox13, the home search resulted in the discovery of a sufficient amount of evidence to warrant the stopping of the doctor’s car and the subsequent placement of him under arrest.

According to a report from the police, Kosowski has been detained and is being charged with murder in the first degree.

There is currently no information available on whether or not the police have found the body of Cozzi.

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