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Audrey Hale Video: Police Released Chilling Video Of Nashville School Shooter



Audrey Hale Video Nashville Shooting Footage Released By Local Police

A shooting took place at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, according to the most recent reports. Audrey Hale, who is being investigated for her possible involvement in the shooting, may be seen driving a Honda Fit in surveillance footage from the scene of the event.

The shooting has caused many people to be in a state of shock and has prompted others to wonder what could have caused such a horrific tragedy.

Who Is Audrey Hale?

In a terrible mass shooting that took place on Monday morning in Nashville, a 28-year-old man who was heavily armed was responsible for the deaths of six people.

A little after ten in the morning, Audrey Hale, a transgender male who used he/him pronouns and a previous student at the primary school, allegedly entered The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. Inside, the assailant opened fire on students and staff members, resulting in the deaths of six people.

Audrey Hale Video

Victims of the attack included students Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney, all of whom were nine years old; Head of School Katherine Koonce, who was 60; Cynthia Peak, who was 61; and Mike Hill, who was 61.

A commercial illustrator and graphic designer Hale shared their work on the internet after posting it online as part of their job. According to their LinkedIn page, they once contributed to the writing of a children’s book about a service dog.

According to LinkedIn, Hale attended Nossi College of Art in Nashville and most recently held a part-time position as a supermarket shopper for Shipt. Audrey Hale is also a member of the Nashville art community. Hale was reportedly discovered to be a transgender individual by the police. The perpetrator of the shooting was a biological female but self-identified as a male.

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Nashville Shooting: Video Footage

On Monday at 15:13 GMT (which is 10:13 local time), the first call to the police about the incident was received. The suspect arrived at the school in a Honda Fit and opened fire through one of the locked doors after driving there. All of the school’s doors were locked.

A video that was subsequently released by the Nashville police department shows that Audrey Hale used a gun to gain entry to the building by shattering glass panes on the front doors. After entering the building, Hale can be seen wandering the school’s deserted corridors, including at one point walking past a room that was labeled “Children’s Ministry.”

On the surveillance tape, Audrey Hale can be seen wearing something that appears to be a protective vest. He also has what appears to be an assault rifle in one hand and a second weapon that looks quite similar hanging from the left side of his hip. After firing bullets on the first floor of the building, Hale moved up to the second floor of the structure.

After the arrival of the police cars, Audrey Hale opened fire on them from the second floor, striking one of the cars in the windshield, according to the police. Broken glass caused an injury to one of the officers. At 10:27, police stormed the building and killed the suspect with gunfire.

Disturbing Message Sent By Audrey Hale

It has come to light that the suspect in the shooting that took place on Monday at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, Audrey Elizabeth Hale, sent out disturbing social media messages just moments before the massacre.

In the messages, Audrey Hale says goodbye to a friend and writes, “One day this will make more sense. I have left behind more than enough evidence to prove my innocence. Yet, a terrible event is going to take place.”

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The local police have published CCTV footage showing the events leading up to the shooting of six individuals, including three children, at The Covenant School in the Green Hills district of the southern metropolis on Monday morning. There were six people were killed, including three adults and three kids.

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