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Woman Being Dragged Into Arkansas Video: Arkansas Tornado Video Going Viral



Woman Being Dragged Into Arkansas Video Arkansas Tornado Video Going Viral

One of the horrific reminders of the deadly force of natural disasters that wreaked havoc on the Midwest and South over the weekend is a video that shows a woman being dragged into a tornado in Arkansas.

Homes and businesses were leveled, trees were snapped in half, and entire neighborhoods were torn apart when confirmed or suspected tornadoes touched down in eleven states.

As viewed from above, the devastation caused by the terrible tornadoes that ripped through communities close to the Illinois–Indiana state line on Friday night is more visible.

These storms wreaked havoc on both states. The recovery efforts are projected to take a significant period of time, and the federal government has promised to provide assistance to the municipalities that were impacted.

In the face of natural disasters, the storms serve as a jarring illustration of the significance of being prepared and exercising caution.

Video Of Woman Being Dragged Into Tornado

As of 6:45 a.m. Eastern Time on Monday, a video showing a woman being dragged from a building by a tornado has been seen more than 920,000 times on Twitter.

Video Of Woman Being Dragged Into Tornado

This comes after a series of deadly storms blasted through the South and the Midwest over the weekend.

In the video, which was uploaded to Twitter by a number of different users, a woman can be seen luring a man inside what appears to be a dental care located in the city’s northwest by pointing out the camera she is carrying.

She is able to maintain her view of the oncoming tornado despite being behind a glass door. The woman screams out, “Oh my Goodness!” in surprise.

As the woman and the guy fight against the wind to keep the doors closed, debris begins to clatter against the building’s façade.

The pane of glass in the entrance then shatters, and it appears as though the woman will be dragged into the whirling debris, but just then the man grabs the camera.

The video then cuts to a scene in which individuals are seen finding shelter in the building’s lavatory, with trash and leaves visible on the floor of the corridor.

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The woman says, “I was in it,” and then she adds, “Their vehicle is gone,” before concluding her statement.

Arkansas Tornado Details

The video is one of several accounts of a severe tornado that can be found on the internet. On Friday, the tornado tracked nearly 32 miles across Little Rock, Arkansas.

Arkansas Tornado Details

The storms not only caused significant damage, but they also knocked out the power and flipped over a number of vehicles.

At least 26 people were killed by multiple tornadoes, with four of those deaths occurring in the town of Wynne, which is located in Arkansas.

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A second woman was reported missing in Madison County, where it is believed that she was killed by a tornado.

At Little Rock, which is the capital of the state, the authorities estimated that more than 2,600 buildings were in the path of the tornadoes.

According to reports, one person was murdered and fifty others were hurt, some of them rather severely, in the Little Rock region.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has not yet completed its assessment of all of the tornadoes, but the one that passed through Little Rock on Friday was rated as an EF-3.

It is believed that its maximum width was 600 yards, and its peak winds were 165 miles per hour.

At least 26 people were killed as a direct result of the storms, which also resulted in severe property damage, power outages, and vehicles being flipped over.

The National Weather Service predicts that another wave of severe weather might hit this week. According to the study, the region was hit by its most powerful tornado since January 1999.

On the Enhanced Fujita scale, which rates the wind speed of tornadoes in accordance with the amount of damage they do, EF-3 is the third-highest rating that may be achieved.

On Friday afternoon, the NWS Little Rock station issued a Tornado Emergency declaration. On Sunday, the station thanked its Memphis colleagues for assuming responsibility for giving warnings during the time that its staff was forced to take shelter from the storm. It was reported that the tornado that occurred in Wynne was also at least an EF-3.

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