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Who Is Anthony Flores? Couple Accused Of Defrauding Malibu Physician Out Of $2.7 Million



Who Is Anthony Flores Couple Accused Of Defrauding Malibu Physician Out Of $2.7 Million

Anthony Flores, along with his ex-girlfriend, Anna Moore, is now accused of stealing $3 million from the mentally-unfit Malibu Physician David Sawusch. The former couple turned Sawusch’s beachfront home into a five-star narcotic spa.

Anthony Flores and Moore are said to be injecting ketamine and feeding LSD to David Sawushch to manipulate Sawusch to grant them the power of attorney for his financials.

The two individuals are alleged to be using Sawushch’s deep finances to carry out weekend parties, buy drugs, lavish parties, and do expensive shopping.

The devious couple allegedly manipulated David Sawusch under the guise of an intense friend to siphon all his money.

Anthony Flores and Moore were accused of multiple charges of felonies such as identity theft, money laundering, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

What Happened To David Sawusch?

David Sawusch was a well-known doctor who practiced eye surgery for more than 30 years. He was left out of work due to ‌severe bipolar disorder that led him to burn his hands.

Ever since then, he has been in and out of hospitals and jails many times. In addition, he was a successful investor who had around a $60 million fortune.

Couple Accused Of Defrauding Malibu Physician Out Of $2.7 Million

David met Anthony Flores and Moore, just shortly after, a few weeks after he was released from a mental rehabilitation center for a suicide attempt, at an ice cream parlor in the Beaches of Vince in June. 2017.

They became instantly acquainted, and Sawusch invited them to his 1,200 beachfront home. David was living alone in his house, away from his family struggling with his bipolar disorder.

At the time, David became extremely close to the couple and invited them to live at his place rent-free. After a couple of weeks, David ‌got the hint of a couple ‌trying to loot his wealth; he immediately stormed the couple out of his house. 

However, due to mental depression, he was again involved in another brawl which resulted in him spending several weeks in jail.

And that’s when Sawusch gave into the idea of handing over the power of attorney to Flores for his bail. Anthony earlier suggested the idea, but David refused.

With no hope of coming out of jail, David gave up the power of attorney he had hoped for and for the life, Moore and Floore had promised him.

With his bank account at their disposal, they hired more than 20 housekeepers and other staff, including massage therapists. At the same time, they swindled the money into their accounts.

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The assistants hired by them to run the legal and financial affairs of Sawusch ran the show, but they also made sure that money was being laundered to their business in Fresno.

In order to continue their attempt to loot the money, they scheduled multiple appointments with a doctor for injections of ketamine weekly, as well as 12-hour massage sessions every day. Furthermore, they intoxicated David Sawuchs with marijuana and LSD.

Anthony Flores And David Sawusch Death

The prosecutors believe that Anthony Flores allegedly switched the two-step authentication of his brokerage account that holds the $60 million to his own number.

While he was experiencing the effects of LSD, he seemed to be in a different world, with visions of aliens and strange creatures dancing in his head.

Anthony Flores And David Sawusch Death

Although, when the acid trips further deteriorated their mental state; Sawusch evicted the couple from his house.

The couple retreated to Santa Monica on Memorial Day weekend and kept a clean eye on David Sawuschs.

In the footage from the surveillance camera, David was violently through himself around the home, and the three hours before his death on Memorial Day 2018 were horrible.

Adam Stersuand, a lawyer from the Sawush family, revealed that the footage was one of the most horrific things he has witnessed in his entire career.

It is believed that the couple was only watching and waiting to transfer and withdrew large amounts of money, while Sawuschs struggled to hold onto life. 

The FBI arrested both of them ‌early, and they plead not guilty to any counts of charges. Flores’ attorney denied all the claims that the couple swindled money from the victim.

However, if convicted Anthony and Anna could face a maximum prison time of 20 years for fraud, another 20 years for conspiracy to commit money laundering and laundering of monetary instruments, 10 years for transactional money laundering, and a two-year prison sentence for identity theft.

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