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Who Was Louis Gaskin? Florida Executes ‘Ninja Killer’ For 1989 Couple Murder



Who Was Louis Gaskin Florida Executes 'Ninja Killer' For 1989 Couple Murder

The list of executions in the United States in 2023 has been steadily increasing since the start of the year.

On April 12, 2023, Louis Bernard Gaskin became the 10th person executed by the United States in the year 2023, while Laskin became the 101st person executed in Florida. However, there are additional 297 convicted fellows on Florida’s death row

Gaskin’s execution comes only six weeks after the execution of Donald Dillbeck, who was convicted for the murder of Faye Vann in 1990, and three weeks before the scheduled execution of the killer, Darryl B. Barwick for slaying Rebecca Wendt back in 1986.

At this rate, all the death sentences pending convicted murderers might be executed before we know it.

As the execution was carried out by lethal injection, many of the modern generation internet users are not aware of Louis Gaskin and his crimes.

Because he was convicted of the crime on 20 December 1989, many wonder how justice can be served even after so many decades have passed.

Since his unjust execution, netizens have been asking questions about the details of the murder Gaskin committed that fateful night.

So, we have decided to meet the queries. After analyzing all the incidents, we have successfully drafted this article leading to the death of the couple in 1989 and other crimes of Gaskin.

Before we unveil his crimes, let us brief you with detailed information about Louis Gaskin.

Who Was Louis Gaskin?

Louis Gaskin was a notorious convicted murderer who was born on 11 March 1967. He was known as “Ninja Killer” because he dressed in a complete black ninja outfit during ‌the event of the murder. He was infamous for his brutal killing of the Stumflers.

Florida Executes 'Ninja Killer'

We do not have information regarding his family or ‌the profession he had. However, the then 22-year-old killer spent the rest of his life at the Florida State Prison in Raiford until his execution by lethal injection on April 12.

The jury in the case of Louis Gaskin voted in favor of the death sentence for Gaskin, which the judge accepted back in 1990.

Furthermore, the legislature recommended capital punishment by sending the bill to DeSantis, who has been signing death sentences at a rapid pace this year.

Who Were The Victims Of Louis Gaskin?

On the tragic night of December 20, 1989, Louis Gaskin pinned down Robert and Georgette Stumferls, who were the residents of a single home surrounded by the woods in the cul-de-sac on Palm Coast. 

Gaskin, who was living a few miles away from the Stumferls in Bunnell, came around the couple when he was prowling for a victim in the darkest hour in a black ninja outfit.

Before confirming himself to carry out the killings, Gaskin circled around the lone house multiple times while analyzing the area for a possible witness.

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When he found the right time, he sneaked into the house and remained calm in a spot until he got a clean shot into the victims, who were cozying up in the family room.

He fired his first shot using a.22 calibers into the chest of Robert and fired at his wife Georgette, after chasing her down into the hall.

‌ County Sheriff Mark Carman said that Gaskin stole a clock, a pair of lamps, and a recorder, which eventually became the evidence in the case that led to the Gaskin

However, Gaskin’s hunt was not finished that night. As he was driving through the area, he got lost and stumbled upon another house, in which he decided to take out more victims.

The Victims Of Louis Gaskin

Since he could not get a clear shot, he tried to lure the victims, Joe and Nadeen Rector, out of their house by cutting their phone lines and throwing logs into their roofs.

When Joe walked into the master room to try the telephone, Gaskin fired on them. He missed the shot and the bullet hit Joe’s Torso, who was immediately rushed to the hospital with the help of his wife. Gaskin fired again, but none of the bullets struck Rectors.

The arrest of Gaskin came after the owner of the gun claimed that it was stolen and‌ used in the following murders.

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Furthermore, the informant confirmed that his sister, who was dating Gaskin, had the same stolen items from the murder case.

This led to the arrest of Gaskin, who confessed to the murder and other crimes he committed.

He was immediately charged with multiple counts of first and second-degree murder and was sentenced to death by electric shock. However, after two decades his death sentence was carried out with a lethal injection.

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