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Who Is Lisa Sturgeon? All About Connor Sturgeon Mother



Who Is Lisa Sturgeon All About Connor Sturgeon Mother

Lisa Sturgeon, the mother of the gunman in Louisville, made a panicked call to 911 and informed the operator that her son ‘had a gun and is coming toward’ the bank where he worked, where he proceeded to kill five people.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to delve deeper into the shooting that took place at a bank in Louisville, the gunman Connor Sturgeon’s mother Lisa Sturgeon, and her efforts to alert police prior to the tragedy.

Connor Sturgeon And The Louisville Mass Shooting

A bank employee in Louisville, Kentucky, who was 25 years old and had written a note to loved ones before going to work on Monday morning and opening fire, was responsible for the deaths of five individuals and injuries to eight more.

Connor Sturgeon And The Louisville Mass Shooting

He was aware that his employment will be terminated soon. Between the years 2018 and 2020, he spent each summer between those years working as an intern at the Old National Bank in Louisville.

He did this job before beginning his full-time employment there in June of 2021. Sturgeon was awarded his degree from the University of Alabama in the month of December 2020.

There were rumors circulating that Sturgeon was on the verge of being fired from his role as an associate and portfolio banker at the bank. After successfully completing three internships in a row beginning in 2018, he was offered a full-time position at the company.

Around 8:30 a.m., he stormed the bank and started firing with an AR-15 assault-style rifle he had just bought, all the while live-streaming the carnage on social media. Eight people were injured, and five employees were killed, one of them was a personal acquaintance of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear. Sturgeon was responsible for the deaths.

Before opening fire at his place of employment, it appears that Sturgeon left a voicemail for a buddy in which he stated that he was feeling “suicidal” and wanted to “murder everyone at the bank.”

In addition, he explained his plan to kill himself in letters that he left for his roommate and his parents; however, it is uncertain when these writings were discovered.

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Who Is Lisa Sturgeon? Her Attempt To Stop The Massacre

Lisa Sturgeon, the mother of Connor Sturgeon, made a frantic phone call to 911 and told the operator that her son ‘now has a gun and is moving near’ the bank where he murdered five people in Louisville.

Who Is Lisa Sturgeon

Connor Sturgeon was the gunman in this incident. Wednesday was the day when the calls were made public by the authorities. Connor Sturgeon, 25, a bank employee, carried out the attack on Monday at Old National Bank, where he live-streamed the slaughter before police shot and killed him.

Sturgeon used an assault-style rifle in the form of an AR-15. There were also eight other persons who were hurt, one of whom was a police officer who was shot in the head and is currently still in serious condition at the hospital.

During the call that was placed by a lady who identified herself as Lisa Sturgeon, the mother of Sturgeon, she stated to the operator that her son was “a really good kid” and that he had never harmed anyone. Kindly refrain from punishing him… He has never been violent against anyone, and he has never committed any crimes.’

She informed the operator that Dallas Whalen, her son’s roommate, had discovered a message and phoned her to let her know about it. The operator informed Lisa that they had received many calls regarding the incident to their local 911 dispatch center.

“Does that mean he’s already there?” The question was posed by Sturgeon’s mother, who continued by saying, “I’m sorry, I’m trying to go to my car… I’m shaking.’ After that, the operator cautioned her to remain away from the location where the shooting was taking place.

During the course of the talk, Lisa Sturgeon also mused aloud about the possibility that her son’s girlfriend was the source of the firearm. I am unable to fathom how he might have acquired a firearm. It is possible that he received it from his girlfriend or someone else.’

After some time had passed, she remarked, “I think maybe his girlfriend may have been armed.” I have no idea, but it’s possible that he observed them.’ According to the authorities, Sturgeon purchased the firearm around one week before the massacre.

The callers were not identified by name, and other information was removed from the recordings of the conversations before they were made public, but the first message that was received was from a woman who was on a video call while she was inside the bank.

During the entirety of the call, which lasted for four minutes, she bawled her eyes out and screamed that there was a gunman at the branch of the bank located in the downtown area. Additionally, a person from a nearby company contacted 911 to report that someone with a “shotgun” was running around the corner and entering the bank.

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