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Keith Nale Death: How Did He Die? What Actually Happened To Survivor Keith Nale?



Keith Nale Death How Did He Die What Actually Happened To Survivor Keith Nale

Keith Nale, who was 62 years old and best known for his performances in the Survivor franchise, has sadly passed away.

On Tuesday, April 18, Wes Nale, the son of the former actor who worked for CBS, confirmed his father’s passing to Entertainment Tonight.

In January, we got word that he had been undergoing treatment for cancer for the previous few months.

After claiming victory not once, but twice throughout the competition series, the star of the show was a fan favorite among viewers. During the first two seasons of Survivor, Keith was a contestant.

Who Is Keith Nale? How Did Keith Nale Die?

According to his son Wes’s statement to the media outlet, his father received a cancer diagnosis only a few months before he passed away.

During the 29th season of Survivor: San Juan del Sur, which aired on CBS in 2014, Keith made his debut in the realm of reality television alongside his son Wes.

Keith Nale Death

Despite the fact that he never became a key member of a long-lasting alliance, Keith was able to make it all the way to the final four of the competition before being voted out one day before the Final Tribal Council.

The following year, he participated in the game again for Survivor: Cambodia, and although he made some progress, fellow cast member Kelley Wentworth ultimately defeated him and sent him home for a second time.

After hearing the news that Keith had passed away, his former castmates from Survivor flocked to social media to express their sadness over his passing.

Jeremy Collins, who played beside the former fire captain in both games, expressed his sympathies on Twitter, writing,

“My condolences to Big D, Wes, Austin, and the Nale family as a whole.” Your passing will be deeply felt, but your legacy will go on forever. Firefighter and fellow survivor, may you finally find peace. #RIPOtis.ā€

The native of Louisiana became a fan favorite despite the fact that he was not known for his strategic abilities, and he took pride in playing an honest game.

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In December 2014. Keith talked up about his experience competing in the show while in his 50s alongside castmates who were substantially younger than he was after he was eliminated from San Juan del Sur.

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