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Jacob Stevens: How Did He Die, What Is Tiktok Benadryl Challenge?



Jacob Stevens Death And Obituary What Is Tiktok Benadryl Challenge

Jacob Stevens is another unfortunate victim of the Benadryl Challenge in Tik Tok. Jacob was only 13 years old when he attempted to complete the horrible challenge of consuming a large quantity of Benadryl. Unfortunately, Jacob passed away due to the toxicity of ‌Benadryl, and his friends and family are now left to mourn his loss. 

The Benadryl Challenge is a recent social media phenomenon that suggests taking 12-14 Benadryl pills at a time to experience hallucinations and then sharing videos or photos of the experience on social media.

For a 13-year-old, it is too much to consume 12-14 pills simultaneously. Eventually, the Ohio-based boy tragically died after overdosing on the over-the-counter medication Benadryl.

Jacob Stevens

Benadryl is considered ‌a safe and effective pill, which also contains diphenhydramine, an antihistamine that relieves the common cold, hay fever, and others. It is highly recommended by the FDA to consume at the right dosage.

The FDA argues that overdosing on the medication will cause serious health conditions, such as seizures, coma, and sudden death.

For kids, the maximum instructed dosage is 6 to 12 tablets in 24 hours, whereas for adults, 12 tablets a day. This indicates that consumption of Benadryl is ultimately harmful when consuming more than the recommended dosage.

The FDA clearly indicates that overdosing will eventually cause dehydration, nausea, breathlessness, blurry vision, and other symptoms.

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Jacob Stevens: Who Died Doing TikTok Challenge

Although the 13-year-old Jacob is believed to have passed away at the hospital after attempting the horrible challenge. Jacob was receiving life support from a ventilator prior to his death.

There is no way of coming back from the terrible challenge that led to his death. At the time of his death, his friends were recording to display the experience of hallucinations. 

His family was heartbroken to announce the tragic and untimely death of their beloved child, who was suddenly and unexpectedly taken from them. Upon his death, Jacob’s parents argued to monitor the kid’s activities online as well as talk to them about their daily activities to prevent unnecessary deaths. 

Jacob’s family raised their voice over concerns about the medication. They are now trying to get lawmakers to propose an age restriction on buying ‌the drug over the counter. Age restrictions might help ‌kids ‌prevent death from overdosing.

Ever since Jacob’s death, netizens are shocked to learn of the death of the young boy. At the same time, they were curious to learn about the deadly Benadryl challenge.

What Is Tiktok Benadryl Challenge?

The harmful Benadryl Challenge initially gained ‌popularity on Tik Tok in 2020. It became very familiar among teenagers. Multiple videos of consuming excessive amounts of drugs were uploaded to the trending social media platform.

In 2020, it became a media sensation when a 15-year-old girl died from consuming excessive amounts of Benadryl. At the time, the company, which makes Benadryl, Johnson, and Johnson, issued a statement.

What Is Tiktok Benadryl Challenge

They assured that the trend of the deadly challenge was dangerous and it should be stopped immediately to save more lives.

They added that their team was working with Tik Tok representatives to remove the trending challenge in the social media giant.

A year later, another boy from Ohio died from overdosing due to the same challenge. However, this indicates that despite the effort of the concerned authorities to remove such content has miserably failed due to its trending.

Even though Johnson and Johnson promised to remove any related content of the deadly challenge, it is becoming popular year after year.

The challenge was supposed to halt within the first death. But it is now confusing how the videos are again circulating, even after their attempts to remove such content that influence youngsters to experience the same.

However, in these tragic times, we share our deepest condolences to Jacob’s family as well as request all the family to look after their children and be cautious of these unnecessary challenges. We also request that underage kids should not attempt any challenges that are extremely dangerous.

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