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Rocky Mount Teacher Fight Video: Student-Teacher Fight For Phone



Rocky Mount Teacher Fight Video Student-Teacher Fight For Phone

On social media platforms, a video has been shared that purports to show a fight that took place at Rocky Mount High School between a teacher and a student.

It depicts a student confronting a teacher, which then leads to the two of them getting into a fistfight on the floor of the classroom.

During the course of the film, the instructor, who was a woman, could be seen sitting on top of the student. Scroll down to know more about the incident, and the video went viral.

Rocky Mount Teacher Fight Video: What Happened Actually?

At Rocky Mount High School, the fight took place in the classroom between the end of the first period and the beginning of the next class. Both the student and the substitute teacher have been recognized.

Rocky Mount Teacher Fight Video

The student is 15 years old and her name is Nevaeh Thompson. Xaviera Steele is the name of the substitute teacher.

Someone who was present at the time of the incident used their mobile phone to record what took place, and the resulting video ended up going viral on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The stress, which appeared to have started when the student had her cell phone removed from her, was shown on the video, which ran for one minute and twelve seconds in total.

When the situation became more serious, the teacher and the student got into a heated debate over the phone. Steele can be heard being questioned by the student, who asks, “Why does the rule not apply to everybody else?” That’s the phone I use.

After that, Steele provides a response by stating that “it does apply to everybody.” After that, the pupil makes an attempt to seize the device from the hand of the instructor. The teacher responds by stating, “Don’t touch me.”

A full-blown fight breaks out between the student and the substitute teacher. During which both parties throw punches and kick at one another. At the very end of the video that went viral, the instructor from Rocky Mount can be seen on top of the pupil.

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People Reactions To The Viral Rocky Mount High School Fight Video

After the video got popular on the internet, users of the platform had conflicting reactions to it. Many people were shocked to hear that the teacher had resorted to physically battling the student in order to solve the problem rather than finding a peaceful solution.

Others praised her for having the courage to speak up for herself and “disciplining” the youngster in question.

If school personnel feels that they are being physically threatened or attacked, they have the legal right to defend themselves by physically detaining the student in a reasonable manner. This right is granted by Nash County Public Schools.

When it comes to the use of cell phones, staff members at the school have the authority to grant pupils permission to use their phones for personal reasons provided there is a valid necessity for such contact.

The student and the instructor got into a brawl, and the Rocky Mount police are looking into the incident. Approximately one year has passed since the substitute educator was hired by Nash County Schools.

The police have stated that there were no reports of injuries and that they are actively examining what took place.

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