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Colorado Rock-Throwing Suspects Captured Photos Of Alexa Bartell Car As A Memento



Colorado Rock-Throwing Suspects Captured Photos Of Alexa Bartell Car As A Memento

Three teenagers have been accused of killing 20-year-old Alexa Bartell and are accused of taking photos of the victim as a memento.

In the pictures, the windshield of the victim’s vehicle can be seen shattered after the rock chucked through it, directly hitting her.

What Happened To Alexa Bartell?

Alexa Bartell was found dead by her friend, who was talking to her over the phone. Her friend became suspicious after she got unresponsive and tracked her location using an app.

Her friend found Bartell fatally injured in her car, which was driven off the road after the encounter with the heavy rock that killed her.

What Happened To Alexa Bartell

The officials claimed that they were informed by her friend. Upon reaching the crime scene, they found out that the victim was covered by a pool of blood.

They added that the driver’s seat was covered with blood. At the scene of the incident, she was pronounced dead.

The 20-year-old met her horrible fate only due to the ruckus behaviors of three teenage high school seniors. According to reports, one of the teenagers is accused of killing Alexa Bartell by allegedly throwing a rock.

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Colorado Rock-Throwing Suspects: Who Are They?

Nicholas “Mitch” Karol-Chik, Zachary Kwak, and Joseph Koenig, all 18 years old, were arrested by  Jefferson County officials after they threw a rock at Alexa Bartell’s car, which landed through her windshield and killed her right on the spot.

Colorado Rock-Throwing Suspects

They told the police that all three of them were involved in a rock-throwing spree. All three of them have been charged with first-degree murder and extreme indifference as well as additional charges. Currently, the three accused suspects are being held on bond.

In addition, the three teenagers were suspected of throwing rocks at the drivers on the same night that killed Bartell. Reports reveal that seven vehicles encountered the rock-throwing spree and two of the drivers have been injured from the incident.

One of the suspects told the investigators that they were involved in throwing objects at the vehicles such as rocks and statues since February. They revealed that they got excited when the rocks hit the cars.

However, their excitement took a horrendous turn after Kwak threw the fatal rock at Brtell’s car. Furthermore, after the rock hit the car, the three teenagers returned to the crash scene and took photos of Bartell’s vehicle. When questioned they revealed that they wanted it as a “memento”. 

Furthermore, the suspects identified themselves as “blood brothers” after the murder and agreed never to talk about the tragic incident. However, they agreed to meet the next day to get the stories straight about the incident, in a way specifically denying their involvement in the case.

Suspects Describe The Tragic Incidents

Zachary Kwack added that the rock on Bartell’s car “made a very loud noise” similar to a “rail gun shooting a block of concrete.”

From this statement, it is understood that the impact on the vehicle and victim could have been a traumatic experience, considering the official’s statement that Bartell was killed by a direct hit by the rock and not the crash.

According to court documents, a witness claimed that he has been with the teens on the night Bartell died, helping them to load the truck with rocks and other heavy objects in the parking lot of a local wall mart.

The witness also claimed that he did not accompany them on the truck on that ill-fated night, as he sensed the danger. He told the officers that “he knew something bad was going to happen.”

Hence he insisted they drop him home. Koeing was driving, while Karol-chick was in the passenger’s seat and Kwack was behind Mitch when they dropped the witness.

It is unfortunate to recall that a promising young girl lost her life due to the notorious behavior of three teenagers. Considering the damage, the teenagers could face a maximum of years in prison. We send our condolences to Bartell’s family.

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