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Colorado Rock-Throwing Suspects: Photos Joseph Koenig, Nicholas “Mitch” Karol-Chik, And Zachary Kwak



Colorado Rock-Throwing Suspects Photos Joseph Koenig, Nicholas “Mitch” Karol-Chik, And Zachary Kwak

The photos of the teenagers who have been accused of killing 20-year-old Alexa Bartell and injuring two other victims on a rock-throwing spree have been made publicized after they were charged with first-degree murder with extreme differences.

Colorado Rock-Throwing Suspects Arrested

The accused teenagers were arrested at their homes in the Denver Suburb of Arvada. They were taken in the cuffs overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to court documents, their notorious behavior came to light after an anonymous witness revealed their involvement with the killing of Alexa Bartell.

Colorado Rock Throwing Suspects

The witness clarified that he was with them earlier that evening. He claimed that they were loading rocks and other heavy objects near a local wall mart. The witness revealed that he asked them to drop him home after sensing grave danger considering the nature of their behavior.

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Photos Of Colorado Rock-Throwing Suspects Released

The three suspects have been photographed as they were arrested in the light of the crime. Zachary Kwak, who has long black hair has been accused of throwing the deadly rock that hit 20-year-old Alexa Bartell.

Joseph Koenig, who has also been charged with involvement in the crime, has been captured as a medium blonde and appears to be an averagely built-in appearance.

Nicholas “Mitch” Karol Chick, who has spilled most of the details of the crime was also part of the trio.

Karol-Chik revealed that the group has been on a rock-throwing spree for the past few days. In the picture, Karol-Chik appears to be the strongest one in the group, clean-shaven with short blonde hair.

Alexa Bartell: Woman Who Lost Her Life In The Attack

The officials found Alexa Bartell covered in a pool of blood after she got hit by the rock. She was on the phone talking to her friend when she suddenly got silent and unresponsive.

Her friend traced her location using the tracker and found Alexa’s yellow Chevy stranded away in a field. She was found dead in the driver seat of her Chevrolet Spark covered in blood. She immediately dialed 911

Colorado Rock-Throwing victim Alexa Bartell

The Bloomfield Police officers rushed to the scene to witness the 20-year-old with traumatic brain damage and blood covered in Alexa’s lap and the door of the car. She was pronounced dead at the scene. However, she was taken to the hospital, where medical staff officially declared her dead. 

Upon investigating the crime scene, the officers found a landscaping rock with a blood mark on it near the yellow Chevy, which had veered off the road. The car’s windshield was destroyed as well.

These shreds of evidence were sufficient for the police to rule out the incident as a murder case. Furthermore, the officers figured out that Alexa’s death was due to the rock that directly hit and not from the crash.

Brutal Rock-Throwing Spree

Upon further investigation, officers found out that the three teenagers has been involved in a rock and other objects-throwing spree at random vehicles since last February. They have also been accused of injuring two other drivers on the same night.

According to one of the Drivers, he was traveling to Indiana Street when he encountered a light-colored SUV-like pickup truck.

The driver was startled when he noticed that the suspects were throwing sizeable rocks at his Subaru.

One of the rocks struck the driver’s arm and shoulder after it crashed through the windshield.

The other driver who got injured was behind the Subaru, who got swerved suddenly to rescue from the rock before hitting his car, which eventually struck in front of his car. By the hit, the drivers of both vehicles were injured as well as their vehicles were damaged.

The accused has been involved in multiple cases of rock-throwing cases and has now been charged with first-degree murder and held with no bond. If convicted the suspects may face a life sentence.

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