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Rasheem Carter Death: Missing Mississippi Black Man Found With Severed Head  



Rasheem Carter Death Missing Mississippi Black Man Found With Severed Head  

Shortly after the disappearance of Rasheem Carter, a Black man from Mississippi who claimed he was being targeted by white guys in October, his body was discovered as dismembered, according to a newly released autopsy, and his family is asking for a federal investigation into his death.

Rasheem Carter was a victim of racial profiling, and his family is asking for a federal investigation into his death. In the following paragraphs, we are going to go into the circumstances surrounding the passing of Rasheem Carter. Keep scrolling to learn more about the shocking events that took place.

Rasheem Carter Death: What Happened Actually?

Rasheem Carter, a welder who lived in Fayette, Mississippi, had recently secured a temporary position as a contractor in Taylorsville, which is located approximately 100 miles away.

Rasheem Carter Death

Carter was reportedly one of a group of temporary workers who had come into the area for a job at a plant in the vicinity, according to Laurel Police Chief Tommy Cox, who stated that Carter was involved in the incident.

The party was making their daily commute to the work location in Smith County, which was approximately 20 miles away from where they were staying at the hotel in Laurel County. According to him, a significant number of the workers came from other states.

His mother, Tiffany Carter, stated that her son took the job in order to save money so that he could reopen his seafood business, which had to be closed because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Rasheem Carter’s mother, Tiffany Carter, disclosed that her son had texted her a warning just before he vanished. The message was delivered right before Rasheem went missing.

On October 1st, Carter reached out to his mother and sent her a lengthy text message explaining that he was having problems with his coworkers and feared for his life as a result of these problems.

Carter shared with his mother the identity of the person he feared and informed her that he was being pursued by a gang of white men in three vehicles. Carter also shared with his mother the name of the person he feared.

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Rasheem Carter Final Footage

A deer trail camera captured Carter in the wooded area where his body was found on October 2 at 4:32 p.m. one day after he had last interacted with his family and on the same day that a missing person report was made.

The family of Carter, who was shown a still from the video, can see the 25-year-old shirtless in the woods to the south of Taylorsville. The video was presented to them.

It looks as though his upper body is covered with bruises and other markings, and he is clutching what appears to be a huge branch in his hands.

Rasheem Carter Cause Of Death

On November 2, 2022, a portion of Rasheem Carter’s skeletal remains was discovered. Later, a second set of his remains was discovered, and on February 23, a third set of his remains was discovered.

According to the Smith County Sheriff’s Department, the reason for Carter’s passing is still being investigated and may be anything.

The Mississippi State Medical Examiners Officer conducted a forensic anthropological examination on February 2. According to the official report, the medical examiner’s office was unable to determine Carter’s official cause of death based only on the condition of his remains.

On the other hand, his family asserts that the authorities have confirmed their suspicion that he was murdered.

Those who are close to Carter claim that he is receiving death threats from people he knows.

The Investigation And Aftermath Of The Murder

Investigators requested the general public to come forward with any information they may have regarding the case, despite their assertion that there was no evidence of any foul play.

The Maryland Bureau of Inquiry and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were also supporting the Smith County Sheriff’s Office with the initial inquiry.

Now, more than four months after the remains of 25-year-old Rasheem Carter were discovered, his family is still no closer to getting answers as to what happened. This has left them in utter devastation.

There have never been any accusations brought against him, and it is currently unknown what caused his death.

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