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Ben Mintz Video: Why Was The Barstool Host Fired? Dave Portnoy Gives An Explanation



Ben Mintz Video Why Was The Barstool Host Fired Dave Portnoy Gives An Explanation

The popular host Ben Mintz was let go from his position at Barstool Sports on Wednesday, according to the announcement made by the company’s creator, Dave Portnoy.

It was reported earlier this week that Mintz uttered a racial slur while reciting rap lyrics live on stream. Find out more about Ben Mintz and the recent scandal by reading more about it.

Ben Mintz Video: What Did Ben Mintz Say?

Ben Mintz, better known as “Mintzy” on Barstool Sports, was fired on Wednesday, according to an announcement issued by the show’s creator, Dave Portnoy.

This arises as a direct result of the other party using a racial slur while performing a song live-streamed online. In a message that he sent to his fans, Portnoy expressed his intense disagreement with the firing of one of his employees.

Ben Mintz Video

Despite this, the organization had no choice but to go through with the change since Penn Entertainment, which is Barstool’s parent company, insisted that it do so. In the meantime, Mintz has taken to social media multiple times to express contrition for his behavior.

During one episode of “Wake Up With Mintzy,” in which Mintz was reading rap lyrics off of his phone, he accidentally used the “n-word” as a part of the song.

It would appear that he did not intend anything by it, and the fact that he immediately stumbled following is evidence that he was aware that he had just made a significant error.

This was confirmed by Dave Portnoy on his Twitter account. Portnoy has published a video in which he claims to have sought to rescue Mintz’s job, but that his parent firm, Penn, insisted that he terminate Mintz’s employment.

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Dave Portnoy Explains Why Ben Mintz Fired From Barstool

For the benefit of those who are unaware, the parent company of Barstool Sports is Penn Entertainment. In the year 2020, the latter company paid $163 million to buy 36% of the business.

They paid a total of $388 million to acquire the remaining shares of the company in February. In addition to being the owner of the renowned blog, Penn also manages 43 traditional casinos spread across 20 different states.

When asked about the recent firing, Portnoy stated that Penn was concerned about the impact Mintz’s mistake could have on their gambling licenses in the areas in which they conduct business.

The gambling establishments owned and operated by Penn use a variety of names for their businesses, including Hollywood Casino, Ameristar, and Boomtown.

Portnoy went on to explain that Penn was concerned about potential retaliation from state governments as a result of the recent Mintz incident.

Another Possible Reason For The Firing

It’s possible that Penn used an excuse involving the government and licenses in order to appease Portnoy and Barstool. When your parent firm states that it is afraid of losing the licenses that allow it to operate its business, it is difficult to dispute with them.

One such hypothesis is that Penn made use of the licenses as an alibi for his actions. It has already been established that this is a significant business.

The modern-day “woke cancel mob” strikes fear into the hearts of today’s corporations. Any white worker who uses the “n-word,” regardless of the context or their intentions, is fair game for a hostile reaction.

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