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Who Was Gannon Stauch? Age, Bio, Wiki, Death, And Trial Of Letecia Stauch



Who Was Gannon Stauch Age, Bio, Wiki, Death, And Trial Of Letecia Stauch

Three years before,  when eleven-year-old Gannon Stauch disappeared suddenly, the whole Colorado Spring, the mountain city, battled with widespread dread. 

Six weeks before the COVID outbreak struck the nation, the unusual case was the center of interest locally. The whole community in Colorado Springs came together to search for this little boy. But all the efforts were in vain. 

People are curious to know Gannon Stauch’s age, other personal information regarding him, and the outcome of his stepmother Letecia Stauch’s murder trial. 

Let’s dive deep into Gannon Stauch’s life and discover everything about the 11-year-old boy brutally murdered by his stepmom. 

Gannon Stauch: Age, Bio, Wiki

Gannon Jacob Stauch was born in South Carolina on September 29, 2008, as the only boy and oldest child of the National Guard members Albert Stauch and Landen Hoitt. 

Gannon Stauch

According to reports, Gannon was born three months early before the due date. At birth, he weighed one pound, six ounces, and his chances of survival were 10%.

Hoitt recalls a doctor informing her that even if Gannon survived, he would have serious physical and mental impairments

He performed better than average physical kids his age and took part in several programs at school. 

Gannon’s parents welcomed his younger sister Laina to the world in January 2012. Laina called her older brother Bubba. 

After the separation of Albert and Landen Hoitt, Gannon Stauch and his sister traveled to Alaska with their father. They began to reside in Colorado Springs because of Albert’s military duty.

Albert married Letecia Stauch, the stepmom who killed Gannon brutally while residing in Colorado Springs

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Gannon Stauch Death: What Happened Actually?

In January three years before, Gannon Stauch disappeared from their Colorado home while his father was serving in the National Guard. 

Albert Stauch’s wife Letecia Stauch had already reported their stepson Gannon missing when he got home. 

Gannon’s unfortunate fate remained unknown for two months despite the efforts of the authorities and hundreds of volunteers who searched across the extensive woodlands close to EL Paso County. 

Letecia’s description of the events kept changing throughout that period. She first said that Gannon had skipped home to see a friend. Then she claimed that a Mexican guy had sexually abused her and kidnapped the kid.

After discovering Gannon’s blood on  Letecia’s shoes and her DNA on a pistol connected to his killing, Prosecutors eventually discovered that Gannon most likely passed away the same day she reported missing. 

The kid was assumed dead when she was detained in March 2020. Later that month, his remains were discovered inside a suitcase close to the Florida Panhandle. 

Gannon had been found with cuts on his arms and legs, 18 knife wounds across his chest, a gunshot wound to the head, a broken skull, and other injuries. 

Gannon Stauch Murder: Stepmom Letecia Trial

Authorities arrested Leteciaa on March 2nd, 2020 from South Carolina, believing Gannon Stauch to be dead. Gannon’s remains were discovered in a suitcase and wrapped in bed sheets in Florida 18 days later. 

Letecia Stauch

Letecia Staunch stabbed Gannon 18 times, shot him once in the head, and then drove across the nation to Pensacola, where she dumped a suitcase containing his remains over the side of a bridge. 

She cleaned up the blood in Gannon’s bedroom, moved his body, and then dumped it like garbage in a river that flows into the Gulf of Mexico in the hope that no one would ever find it. 

After three years of the murder of Gannon Stauch, Letecia appeared for trial on Monday at the Court of Colorado.  According to the reports, she was charged with first-degree murder, tampering with a corpse, and meddling with solid evidence. 

She was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder and 12 years of a sentence with three years of parole for tampering with the dead body, along with 18 months sentence for meddling with evidence. 

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