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Nicholas James Kassotis: Georgian Man Arrested For Murdering Wife Mindi Mebane Kassotis



Nicholas James Kassotis Georgian Man Arrested For Murdering Wife Mindi Mebane Kassotis

On Friday, a Georgian man was arrested in Lancaster for murdering his wife, Mindi Mebane Kassotis, last year. 

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation reported that Savannah resident Nicholas James Kassotis, 40, was charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, tampering with evidence, and removal of body parts from the site of death or dismemberment. 

What Happened To Mindi Mebane Kassotis?

According to Georgian authorities, Mindi Mebane Kassotis’ body was discovered at a hunting club on December 2, 2022, that has covered territory in both Liberty and Mcintosh Countries in Georgia

Mindi Mebane Kassotis-Nicholas James Kassotis

It is believed by the time her body was found at the hunting club, she had already been dead for more than a month. She was initially unidentifiable, and officials assumed she died around November 27. 

It took another 5 months for the respective authorities to identify the women and arrest the suspect, Nicholas James Kassotis.

The GBI and FBI used advanced testing during the inquiry, including DNA samples from Mindi’s family after her body was found in December. They were able to identify Mindi Kassottis as a result on May 11, 2023. 

Mindi and Nicholas James Kassotis were Savannah residents who had been married for six years. Mindi’s cause of death or Nicholas’ motive behind the murder is not yet publicized by the authorities. 

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Who Is Nicholas James Kassotis What Did He Do?

While Nicholas James Kassotis was a member of the US Navy’s Judge Advocate General Corps, Mindi, a native of New Orleans, was a writer and business owner.

The 40-year-old Nicholas James Kassotis is currently being held at the Lancaster County Prison, but transferring him to Georgia for trial is the ultimate objective of the officials. 

Friends of Mindi who attended the same school as she remarked online about how horrified they were when heard about her tragic passing. 

They said that Mindi was a true friend to all of them and considered her a special person who loved and cared for everyone. They stood with the family of Mindi during the difficult time and expressed their condolences to Mindi. 

The GBI praised the FBI, U.S Marshals Service East Pennsylvania Fugitive Task Force, Lancaster Police Department, Pennsylvania State Police, and the Liberty County Sheriff’s office for their assistance with their Investigation. 

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