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Who Is Francisco Oropesa? Texas Shooter Arrested For Killing 5 Neighbors



Who Is Francisco Oropesa Texas Shooter Arrested For Killing 5 Neighbors

Francisco Oropesa, the man accused of opening fire and killing five civilians in Texas was arrested a few miles from the shooting site.

The now-arrested man is assumed to be responsible for the death of five of his neighbors in San Jacinto County.

In his possession was an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, and the same was used for the execution of the crime. The news of the arrest was confirmed by the officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 

Who Is Francisco Oropesa?

Francisco Oropesa, the 38 years old man was tracked down and arrested in the Cut and Shoot City in Texas near the San Jacinto County District. The arrest was enabled as the FBI received his location details via an anonymous tip.

Who Is Francisco Oropesa

A team consisting of law enforcement officers was arranged for the arrest. He was found at a home in Conroe Texas and the arrest was reported around 6.45 in the evening. 

As per the primary reports available from the authorities it was known that he was taken to the prison facility in Montgomery County. Oropese is charged with first-degree murder.

The same reports suggest that he will be transported to another prison facility in Coldspring before a week’s time. 

He has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder. Francisco Oropesa is actually a Mexican immigrant. He had already been deported four times. Currently, he is held on a bond of 5 million US dollars

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Francisco Oropesa Arrested By Police

The news of the arrest was confirmed by Greg Capers, the Sheriff of San Jacinto County. According to him, the suspect was hiding under a large pile of clothing,  inside the Conroe home.

Capers said that Francisco Oropesa was caught hiding in a closet underneath some laundry. It was also known that the suspect, on being found did not protest the arrest and cooperated with the police force for being taken to the transportation vehicle and then away to the jail. 

After examining the records of the property from which he was found it was reported that the home belonged to one of his relatives. The residents of the house were questioned by the police and as of now no one has been taken into custody. 

The officers had already started the manhunt after the news of the firing. They were receiving multiple details from different sources. When some claimed that they had spotted the accused others said they saw him with a group of people.

The authorities were about to appoint more officers for the manhunt and that was when the FBI received a location detail. 

Francisco Oropesa was on the run for the past four days and the police force had announced a reward of around 80,000 US dollars for anyone providing information about him or his whereabouts. 

Texas Shooting: What Happened Actually?

The shooting happened last Friday, First Francisco Oropesa appeared with a gun in his front yard and opened fire. The neighbors who heard the shooting sound asked him to shut it down and called 911 to register a complaint.

Francisco Oropesa-Texas Shooting

The family next to him has children who were trying to sleep at night and his gunshot sounds had panicked them.

When they said that they were trying to put a baby to sleep what he did was to enter the house and put everyone to a sleep from which they could not be disturbed. 

Later he was seen entering the property of his neighbors. This was recorded in a surveillance camera in the area. He was ringing the doorbell of one of his neighbors. He entered the house and shot the lady of the house, her son, and three others.

The victims of the incident are 9-year-old Daniel Enrique Laso, 18-year-old Jose Jonathan Casarez, 21-year-old Diana Velaquez Alvarado, 25-year-old Sonia Guzman, and 31-year-old Juliza Molina Rivera. 

Jimmy Paul, the assistant special agent at the FBI who is in charge of the Huston field office stated that the entire department was grateful to the person who showed the courage and bravery to call in and inform the location of Francisco Oropesa. 

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