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Lego Returns To The Lord Of The Rings With A Massive Size And Price



Lego Returns To The Lord Of The Rings With A Massive Size And Price

The latest Lego ‘Lord of the Rings’ Rivendell set is not only massive in its size but, it even costs you an arm and a leg.

With the release of the new Lego set, the Rivendell has become the seventh largest lego set of all time and even includes mini figures of the members of the fellowship.    

If you are a fan of the epic high-fantasy novel ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ by English author and scholar J. R. R. Tolkien, then this will be great news for you all.

The novel was recreated into epic fantasy adventure films by Peter Jackson. And as of now, the Lego House has revealed that the latest lego set that took over the internet by fans, will recreate the idyllic Elven sanctuary of Rivendell from Peter Jackson’s blockbuster films. 

What Are The New Updates

The massive lego set carries 6167 pieces and 15 mini figures of the Members of the Fellowship. According to the creator of this latest design, the latest models intended to attract adults more to the game which gets more difficult progressively as a new design gets released.

Lego Returns To The Lord Of The Rings

And for those who wish to get their hands on the forthcoming model, it can be purchased exclusively through the LEGO store and is available for $499.99.

The latest version of Lego, The Rivendell Set, will be available for Lego Store VIP members by March 5th, while the rest can get their new purchase from March 8.

And if you are very excited about the latest version, you can apply for a VIP membership through the official site. Also, preorders are available for the LEGO Lord of the Rings Rivendell. 

As fans of the epic drama are very much aware of what the lego scene is about, there is no need for much explanation about the Rivendell scene. Instead, let’s see what comes inside this massive surprise arranged especially for The Lord of The Rings fans. 

The most memorable scene depicted in the Lego House includes 15 mini figures. It encloses nine members of the Fellowship; Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Bilbo Baggins, Boromir, Gimli, Aragorn, Peregrin “Pippin” Took, Legolas, Merriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck, and Gandalf the Grey.

The whole set of these legos comes in three sections and a few rooms that are portrayed in the movie. The rooms included in the legos are the Council Ring, Frodo’s bedroom, Elrond’s study, an elven tower, a gazebo, a river, and a bridge. 

Unlike the old legos that are used to engage kids, the latest versions are designed for adults. As changes are made the game gets more and more challenging.

The latest version of the massive replica of the Elf stronghold of Rivendell is the biggest one that the creator has produced until today.

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And while going through every single detail included in the lego set, you can notice that the whole Rivendell set is decorated with foliage, miniature paintings, and sculptures belonging to the history of Middle-earth. All these features explain that lego is returning to Middle-earth.    

While beginning your game, make sure that you have enough room or space for the whole set as it measures around 15 inches in height, 29.5 inches in width, and 19.5 inches deep.

And as discussed above, this whole set can be easily transported from one place to another as it comes in three sections: the tower, the council ring, and the gazebo with river and bridge. The creator of this adult game started producing the Lord of the Rings series from 2012-2013.

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