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Who is Leslie Van Houten Husband, William Syvin?



Who is Leslie Van Houten's husband, William Syvin

People often say that one can find love anywhere and at any time. Well, it was actually proved by Leslie Van Houten and her ex-husband William Syvin. Are you interested to know more about them? Let’s unravel who they are and how they end up together. 

Leslie Van Houten is one of the members of the notorious Manson Family. She fell for William Syvin when they were both caught inside the prison. He was always a common convict of almost every high-profile murder.

However, the police never had to invest so much time in their investigation because he never hesitated to accept any crime that he committed. For instance, when he killed the well-known actress, Sharon Tate, he took to Instagram to give an open invitation to the police to come ahead and capture him if they can.

It would be right to say that he has spent his entire life in prison. However, little did he know that he would even find the only love of his life inside the prison. 

How did William meet Leslie? 

They both happened to be in jail at the same time. However, their crimes were different. They began associating with each other throughout the day. They used to take up the same duties inside the prison and their closeness grew over time.

There was no looking back ever since then, as they just wanted each other and no one else. Everybody in the prison was aware of what was brewing between them. It was in 1981, that they finally married each other in a small ceremony inside the prison itself.

While their accommodations were different, the prison authorities specifically allowed them to visit each other for conjugation. Leslie once got pregnant with William’s child but due to unknown reasons, she miscarried the baby. 

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How did their relationship grow inside the prison? 

It was definitely challenging for them to manage their relationship but somehow they did that efficiently. They managed to become each other’s support system in the prison and everybody respected their relationship. 

It is important to note that they enjoyed some of the best times of their lives in prison. However, life was not so easy for them. William was once accused of helping Leslie break out from prison. 

While he did not know what actually happened, he conspired to be a part of this by one of Leslie’s closest allies. When William got to know of this, he was shattered because Leslie was the only woman whom he trusted blindly.

Leslie did not do anything to clarify that William was not an accomplice in her attempt to break out of jail. In fact, Leslie bluntly denied her association with William. This was a major turning point in their relationship. Soon thereafter, the couple broke up with each other. Their marriage lasted for a period of two months. However, it did have a lasting effect on William’s mental health. 

Where is William now? 

While not much information is available with respect to William’s early life, some sources reported that he came out of prison on parole in 2023. However, he has not remarried and is single ever since the time of his divorce from Leslie.

e has got no friends, family, or followers to support him. He prefers staying out of any controversy and lives alone. He is often seen hanging out at the bars alone. It seems like his heartbreak has made him turn to a new leaf. It will be interesting to witness that he gets involved in any other controversy anytime soon. 

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