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Ryan Waller: What Happened To Him? Is He Still Alive? Murder & Shooting



Ryan Waller What Happened To Him Is He Still Alive Murder & Shooting

Ryan Waller, a 28-year-old Maricopa County native, was shot in the face during a home invasion. He was eighteen at the time of the incident and was with his girlfriend, Heather Quan, who was shot and killed.

Years after the incident, the case remains a matter of discussion among the public. Although Waller was a victim of a home invasion that killed his girlfriend in 2006, he was suspected of the murderer. And because of this, his life has become a tragedy after the violent Christmas break that changed his whole life upside down.      

The tragic story of Ryan Waller caught global attention. It showed how a justice system failed to help someone who could have been saved if they acted out immediately. 

Here’s all that the public needs to know about the tragic story of 28-year-old Ryan Waller, whose life changed on a Christmas night. 

Who Was Ryan Waller?

Ryan Thomas Waller was a 28-year-old boy from Arizona, Phoenix. He was born on 12 February 1988 as the son of Don Waller and his wife, whose identity is unknown. 

Young Waller grew up in Maricopa County and was estimated to have completed a high school diploma. He was planning to begin a new chapter of his life with his girlfriend, Heather Quan.

Who Was Ryan Waller

The young couple had just moved to his home in Arizona and were getting ready for dinner with his parents. But before they could make it to his parent’s place, something tragic happened to them, which took one of their lives, leaving the other as the murder suspect. 

Quan was shot and killed by the murderers, while Waller managed to survive even though he was shot in the face. Although he survived, he became a victim turned suspect in front of the officials who entered the crime scene after two days.   

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What happened to Ryan Waller and his Girlfriend, Heather Quan?

Ryan and Quan had a long-term relationship which came to an end after Quan was brutally killed by the culprits.  

On 23 December 2003, the couple was enjoying their time before Christmas in their apartment. But something unexpected happened after they heard a knock on their door. Ryan, who opened the door, was shocked to see those on the door and rushed to close the door.

Unfortunately, before he could do so, he was shot twice in the face by one of the intruders who put his hand through the gap he had between the door. As Ryan failed to stop them, they got access to the house and found Quan, who was shot and killed since the intruders never wished to have any witnesses from the crime scene. 

Ryan Waller Is He Still Alive

The intruders took some weapons and a computer belonging to the couple. Although Ryan was shot in the face, he wasn’t dead. Also, he never had the strength to get up and call his parents or the police to report the crime. 

Ryan’s father was the one who informed the police about his son, whom they couldn’t connect with for the past couple of days. As the police entered the home hours later, they found Quan shot and dead, while Ryan was injured but alive. Initially, the officials believed that Ryan was the one who committed the crime. And as a result, he was taken into custody instead of providing any medical care. 

The police continued interrogating him until they started believing him after hours of questioning. But by this time, his health deteriorated, and it caused a seizure, and Ryan lost his eyesight. 

Is Ryan Still Alive? Or Is He Dead?

The victim turned suspect of Heather Quan’s death was also injured from the violent Christmas break. As the authorities failed to provide him with medical care, he suffered a seizure. 

Ryan Waller Shooting Real Culprits

From the shooting that transpired in 2006, a bullet has torn a chunk of Ryan’s skull. It even pierced his sinus, brain, and bone and penetrated his brain slowly. Because of this, his life changed upside down. 

Ryan lost his vision, and even a part of his brain was removed. He died of a seizure on January 20, 2016, a decade after the tragic Christmas break by Larry Carver and his son, Ritchie. The father and son duo has arrived at Ryan’s apartment in order to seek vengeance for what has happened in the past.  

Ryan was 28 years old at the time of his death. The culprits of the murder were arrested and sentenced to prison. 

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