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“Lesbian sex causes cancer” say flyers being placed around Sacramento

BySDGLN StaffJul 6, 2018

SACRAMENTO, California — In a strange canvassing effort, a man has been going door to door in Northern…


Public Facebook bear community group: “No Africans, no Asians”

BySDGLN StaffJun 26, 2018

A public Facebook group has many in the LGBT community wondering about a racist question on their…


Portland becomes the third city in U.S. to get a Harvey Milk Street

BySDGLN StaffJun 15, 2018

City Commissioner Nicole Murray-Ramirez has been busy this month on his mission of advocacy for cities to…


Nicole Murray-Ramirez presents Salt Lake City with Harvey Milk street sign and sculpture

BySDGLN StaffJun 4, 2018

City Commissioner Nicole Murray Ramirez made a special trip to Salt Lake City, Utah last week for…


CA judge issues final judgment: baker can refuse service to gay couples

BySDGLN StaffMay 15, 2018

BAKERSFIELD, California —  A judge in the ironically named city of Bakersfield has issued a final judgment…