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Nashville School Shooting Video Footage Surveillance Footage Revealed By Police

Nashville School Shooting Video Footage: Surveillance Footage Revealed By Police

ByShone PalmerMar 28, 2023

The perpetrator of a shooting that took place at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, that resulted in the…

Audrey Hale Religion

Audrey Hale Religion: Nashville School Shooter Family, And Ethnicity

ByShone PalmerMar 28, 2023

A deadly shootout happened at Nashville’s convent school around 10 am on March 27. The shooter, 28-year-old Audrey Hale fired…

Audrey Hale Nashville Shooter, The Trans Former Student

Audrey Hale: Nashville Shooter, The Trans Former Student

ByShone PalmerMar 28, 2023

Police have named 28-year-old Audrey Hale as the shooter who opened fire on students and faculty at the Covenant School…

Nashville Shooting Transgender Is She In Jail Why She Killed Six People

Nashville Shooting Transgender: Is She In Jail? Why She Killed Six People?

ByShone PalmerMar 28, 2023

On Monday morning, a 28-year-old opened fire at an elementary school in Nashville, resulting in the deaths of six people. Police…