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President Biden’s Best Initiatives For LGBTQ+ Individuals This Year



President Biden's Best Initiatives For LGBTQ+ Individuals This Year

President Biden is one of the few leaders who vowed to work for the LGBTQ+ community while being in the White House. And this act of his has marked to bring out a historic start. From the first 100 days in office, numerous notable efforts were taken in order to support LGBTQ people and communities.

These measures include protecting people from bigotry, venturing the epidemic of brutality against transgender people, and securing a safe future for LGBTQ+ youths. He guarantees that together there is a multitude of things that can be made for the betterment of the country.

What Are The Measures He Takes For LGBTQ+ Individuals?

All these measures put forward by the White House are to protect the communities and expand their rights.  

Biden acknowledges that no person should be discriminated against in society for who they are, what they do, or whom they love. And for this, he has been working hard to bring citizens of America and all over the world together in the journey to equality. 

President Biden's Best Initiatives For LGBTQ+ Individuals This Year

In June, to mark Pride Month, he signed an Executive Order Advancing Equality for LGBTQI+ Individuals.

Some of the executive orders on the historic advancements he created for the LGBTQI+ community include protecting LGBTQ+ children and families from discriminatory legislative onslaughts by directing different agencies to protect them at any cost.

He even arranged a reception in the white house, especially for LGBTQ+ families, advocates, elected officials, and leaders.

Biden even took measures for controlling conversion therapy in order to safeguard children from dangerous practices. Protecting health care, and other programs that are carefully designed for stopping the rising number of youth suicides.

Another great measure is providing support for LGBTQI+ children and families by starting a new endeavor to safeguard foster youth, reduce homelessness, and enhance access to federal programs. Furthermore, several other new initiatives are under development to normalize the LGBTQ+ community.                                      

While talking about discriminatory legislative attacks, more than 300 anti-LGBTQI+ laws are added to the state legislature in 2021 and most of them aim especially at transgender kids and their families. These laws prevent these marginalized groups from access to medical care and support provided in schools.   

But, now, in Biden’s government, things are getting rearranged as he charged the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in order to protect the affected families from any kind of attacks and provide them access to health care.

Also, he even ordered the department to produce new sample policies for states so as to improve the access to complete healthcare for LGBTQI+ patients.      

Furthermore, Biden has even ordered the department to make an initiative that’ll help reduce the exposure of youths to dangerous practices like conversion therapies.

And as per his order, HHS has started an investigation in order to ensure that federally funded programs are not providing any such harmful practices. Also, they started to advance public awareness against the defects such practices can bring into society.

Moreover, training sessions are held to provide technical assistance for health providers so that they can get great support in providing service and care for the survivors. Together with safeguarding from such harmful therapies, HHS will also work to facilitate access to gender-affirming care. Through this, they can help reduce LGBTQI+ suicide by raising youth’s access to suicide prevention aids.    

LGBTQI+ children and families are separated from society for being different. They are always discriminated against and are not given any consideration. But just like any other American family, they deserve the same respect and dignity in society.

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Most of them are left homeless or in foster care centers. With the upcoming changes in legislative laws, Biden guarantees that these children and their families will be supported by the government and will also get access to homes. By doing so, the government aims to reduce the increased risk of abuse and suicide of LGBTQI+ individuals.   

To show moral support, the government has celebrated Pride. The White House and the federal buildings in the United States flew Pride flags. Furthermore, the state department even authorized the U.S. embassies and diplomatic outposts to fly the pride flag on the same flagpole.   

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