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Lisa Wilson: Mother Of Zach Wilson Slammed The Rising Speculations About The Family’s Close Relationship With The Team Owner



Lisa Wilson Mother Of Zach Wilson Slammed The Rising Speculations About The Family’s Close Relationship With The Team Owner

Recent speculations had rose regarding Zack Wilson’s career with the Jets. Earlier, Michael Kay on his radio suggested that the Wilson family is close to the owner of the team Woody Johnson and that could be the reason why the Jets are still keeping the youngster after his poor performance which forced the coach to bench him multiple times.

These speculations only came from Michael Kay, he revealed that he got the information from someone close to the ownership of the team. However, this accusation may be as heinous as every other rumor.

In response to his revelation, Zach Wilson’s mom – Lisa Wilson slammed the radio show host Michael Kay by denying his reports. She laughed over the speculation in her Instagram stories.

She countered that her family has only met the team owner Woody Johnson on a single occasion, she added that her family spoke to the owner during the 2021 NFL Draft which was the occasion when the New York Jets selected Zack Wilson in the second-overall Pick.

She also claimed that it happened only because the team owner Woody Johnson was on a tour of the facility after the draft. She labeled the gossipers as “hilarious, as they know absolutely nothing”.

Zach Wilson Criticized For Poor Performance

The 23-year-old has indeed been struggling ever since he joined the team to find the perfect position for him. Due to his lack of consistency, he was benched multiple times this season as the backups of Mike White (25) and Joe Flacco (38) 

Zach Wilson is widely criticized for his poor performance with New York Jets. The 23-year-old last played his game back in December 2022 against the Jaguars, who lost 19-3 in the game.

Lisa Wilson and Zach Wilson

According to his coach, he has been efficient in improving himself, the coach believes in his pure dedication as he ruled out the remarks doubting his talent. The coach said that the club and Zach Wilson are good in terms, despite his mediocre performances.

He added that the young talent needs to improve his game and management believes in him as they are going to commit to building him for the future. 

Zach Wilson may be out of the red zone, as he is still young and he has the dedication to improve his game. However, he needs to improve his game sooner to reach the top tier of the game.

Many experts believe that this season might be the end of Zach Wilson if he doesn’t display quality performance for the team.

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The cheering fans and the management of the club have not seen the best of Zach because he has not been able to perform consistently throughout the season.

It has been two years and the Jets have not been able to witness the best of Wilson. The offensive coordinator of the team, Mike LaFleur also felt the same about Wilson.

As per mike, the club has not been able to develop the players to the extent they are capable of. He believes that they have failed in the progression of players during the past years.

As the management has now set new objectives, to develop their players using strategic methods, the fans of the New York Jets may expect some quality players within the team in the coming seasons. In addition, they haven’t left unturned any stone to find a new quarterback to hold their fort for the season.

After the last defeat against the Dolphins on Sunday marks their sixth straight defeat in the season, as they stand last in the table with only seven wins.

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