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Who Is Teresa Fidalgo? Is It A Real Or A Fake Ghost Story?



Who Is Teresa Fidalgo Is It A Real Or A Fake Ghost Story

Even in the twenty-first century when people hear a ghost story most of them would skip a heartbeat. Internet and social media are no strangers to many hoaxes and conspiracies each day. It was back in 2003 that a particular video went viral and that video narrates the story of a lady who died in a car accident in 1983. It was really unusual and weird that the girl who died started messaging people from different territories and things turned quite messed up. So let us have a comprehensive look into this uncanny news that was swirling on the internet for ages. 

Who Is Teresa Fidalgo?

Whether anyone believes it or not Teresa Fidalgo is the ghost of an anonymous lady that perished in a car accident back in 1983 on the outskirts of Portugal. More information about who was that lady or what really happened to her is still unknown. No one knows anything about her and her life just ended there at the accident scene. It is known that the girl who died in the accident was only twenty-five years old and just lost a great life that was waiting for her. 

Who Is Teresa Fidalgo?

But no one would have anticipated that after decades a ghost named Teresa Fidalogo started messaging random people on various social media, like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. It was back on July 12, 2003, that footage of a ghost-like girl was circulating and with the blink of an eye, the clip went viral beyond the limit. 

When we dig deeper to know more about that video it is confirmed that that particular clip was taken from a Portuguese movie. The footage is absolutely genuine as it is a short film, but the story that follows is fabricated and well-choreographed. The one who is behind it well knows that a small part of the population still holds these sorts of beliefs and this sort of story would definitely stand a chance. 

But in that video, the girl is asking these random users to share this post and if they fail to obey her then consequences would be following them. 

The video comes with a deep startling message saying, “I am Teresa Fidalgo and If you don’t post this on 20 other photos I will sleep with you forever”. This message indeed sounded threatening and some of the users were perplexed and posted randomly about a girl who ignored this and she lost her mother within twenty-nine days. 

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Is Teresa Fidalgo Story A Real Shot?

In this world, we have believers, non-believers, anarchists, atheists everyone. So it is up to each individual to believe it or to ignore it. These sorts of tales do have a space in the world even in this century where man has reached the moon and mars. 

Who Is Teresa Fidalgo? Is It A Real Or A Fake Ghost Story?

So just like any other fake story, Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost story does not have any speck of truth in it and it is absolutely fake. It does not have any truth behind it and people who believed for a second that it might be true, then it is a piece of relieving news that it is not. 

As we stated above, this particular footage is taken from a movie and the rest of the story that comes within it is manipulated. It is David Rebordao, who is the man behind this video, who works as the content creator and he even stated that the video is absolutely fake to its core. 

Teresa Fidalgo Is Indeed A Folk Tale

When we dwell deeper into the video that was circulating over the internet since 2003, we could see a group of three friends driving late at night and they happened to see a young man passing the road on the opposite side. These girls gave it a thought to offer a ride to her. But out of the blue, that lady started to scream at top of her lungs. She was in a pool of blood when the car slammed her and before taking her last breath the lady was pointing to a white spot on the road. 

The only truth in this story is the lady who might have died in that accident. The rest of the story is just a myth. But we cannot neglect the viewers and trends the footage has got and even after years the ghost story of Teresa Fidalgo does hover on the internet.

 The high possibility of trending a piece of fake news on the internet is steep and when her photos were circulating most people thought that there is a possibility to have this story a real one or cannot neglect the speck of truth in it. 

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This particular story is not the first ghost story that happened in the world, but yes the first one to be discussed online. This sort of urban tale does have a space in the world and the widespread trend of this video is an example of how fast a fake video can reach the world and how easily people can be manipulated. 

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