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Who is Sommer Ray Boyfriend? Is She Dating Now?



Who is Sommer Ray's Boyfriend in 2023 Is She Dating Anyone

The fitness social media influencer Sommer Ray has been linked to several top celebrities in Hollywood as well as from the music industry.

Sommer Ray, who has a whopping 26 million Instagram followers, is an expert at influencing the audience to pump up their blood by transpiring to fitness. She was the winner of the NPC Colorado State Championship and competed in various fitness competitions.

Who is Sommer Ray Boyfriend: Dating History

She reportedly had a successful ongoing career after gaining fame as an influencer. Apart from her career, Sommer Ray had an active dating life, where she previously kept sharing about her relationships. Considering the same interest, Sommer has not posted anything regarding dating for the last few years. 

Who Is Sommer Ray Dating

Apparently, the social media influencer is focusing on her career. Thus, it is believed that Sommer is not dating anyone, at the moment. Over the years, Sommer had an exquisite dating life as well as numerous dating rumors.

As of now, Sommer Ray is believed to be single. But her list of previous relationships may rush the blood in you.

Cole Bennet

In 2021, Sommer Ray was rumored to be dating Cole Bennet. The rumor came to light after Cole Bennet posted Instagram pictures of the couple kissing. Cole Bennet is also the founder of the Lyrical Lemonade brand.  Neither of the influencers has commented on the relationship. It is believed that they didn’t last long.

Cole Bennet

Bennett Sipes

Sommer and Bennet parted ways after getting pretty close in 2018. The couple reportedly lived together for a while before they broke up with each other. It appears that he ended bad terms with her as both of them have refused to talk about it publicly.

Bennett Sipes

Machine Gun Kelly

MGK and Sommer became one ‌of the most dramatic relationships of her life. The couple was rumored to have hooked up in February 2020. She revealed in one of the podcasts that Machine Gun Kelly cheated on her for Megan Fox. At the time, she didn’t believe that, as Megan was with her husband and kids. However, they broke up soon after his affair with Megan Fox came to light.

Machine Gun Kelly-Sommer Ray

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Tayler Holder

After breaking up with Colson (MGK), she began dating another influencer Tayler Holder. Their dating rumor began when Taylor posted a video on Tik Tok and he wrote “5.19.20,” which was supposed to be the date of their beginning. After that couple posted cute pictures together. They made their relationship official only to announce their split in the same month of June. Since then, reports suggest that the duo have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Tayler Holder-Sommer Ray

RiceGum (Bryan Le)

She was seen spending fun times with RiceGum, who had 10 million subscribers on Youtube. However, the fitness model denied that she had ever had a relationship with Rice Gum. It appears to be a rumor only.

RiceGum (Bryan Le)-Sommer Ray

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Max Ehrich

She was rumored to be dating Max Ehrich in 2017. He is an American actor who is famous for his role as Fenmore Baldwin on “The Young and the Restless.” it appears that the two of them met through a mutual friend, Bella Throne. 

Max Ehrich-Sommer Ray

But Max denied all the rumors speculating around her. He claimed that nothing was true on his Twitter. Max went on to date Demi Lovato. He even got engaged to Lovato.

It seems that Sommer had a pretty rollercoaster ride in relationships. Though she got cheated on by some, she has always gained public sympathy. Moreover, she earned more exposure through these relationships even though she was trying to find a genuine relationship with them.

The fitness model is still young and beautiful. All she needs to do is focus on her career, which she is doing, and the rest will fall on her course.

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