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Kylie Minogue Applauds Queer Supporters: “I Feel Like My Gay Audience Felt Some Kind Of Solidarity With Me, They Protected Me”



Kylie Minogue Applauds Queer Supporters

Pride month has kick-started with tremendous zeal and energy this year. Queers, transgender people, gays, and lesbians from different parts of the world are coming together to celebrate their struggles, strengths, and achievements over some time.

Kylie Minogue is part of this LGBTQ group and has come forward to accept her sexuality before the public. In a recent disclosure, the 55-year-old famous singer revealed that it wasn’t easy for her to gather the courage to make such a significant announcement.

But after witnessing the efforts made by her friends, she was inspired to confirm her reality without giving a second thought about what would happen next. She expressed her gratitude towards all her friends for inspiring her every day to become what she is today.

What made a difference for Kylie?

Kylie shared that the gay community had always displayed solidarity with her. They have shouldered her through thick and thin. She revealed that it was in 1990 when she first tried to come out as a queer in one of her drag shows in Sydney.

However, none of her fans took her seriously, and the media agencies accused her of committing public stents to garner fake publicity. But with the support of her gay friends, she was in the position to once again speak up before the audience and accept her homosexuality.

Now that her fans have taken her for what she is, she still remembers the discrimination she had to face at home and even at home. She acknowledges that being queer is difficult, as one must wage war against the close ones daily.

Since she has grown above all of this now, she continues to support her gay friends just in the same manner as they used to help her. She has become an integral part of this community over the years.

She has grown with them and has witnessed all the highs and lows. To celebrate their personalities, she also performed with her queer friends, who are singers, too, at a live concert.

She was pleased after this performance because, after such an extended period, all of them were together, but this time the cause of togetherness was not a struggle but a celebration.

However, she has assured me that she will arrange these concerts frequently. This is something that will bring their community more robust and even support many of the rising stars over time. 

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What is the upcoming course of action?

Kylie often falls short of words to explain the kind of support her gay friends have extended over. She is truly one of her kind and is known for helping many rising and budding stars who are restricted from growing to the brim due to societal stereotypes.

She is also an active blogger and often takes to her social media handles to explain how society must change its outlook towards the queers so that they also experience a sense of liberation. 

Her live chats and write-ups are inspirational for many upcoming stars. She has curated a unique identity for herself in this industry with the help of her hard work, passion, and courage.

She has worked day and night to support charitable institutions and sponsor the education of these young minds so that they can have the liberty to grow, excel and prosper in their lives in the times to come. She has been successful in her life and it will be interesting to witness her future course of action.

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