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Alex Murdaugh Net Worth: How Wealthy Is Attorney Alex Murdaugh?



Alex Murdaugh Net Worth How Wealthy Is Attorney Alex Murdaugh

The sprawling estate of the Murdaugh family, Moselle Farms is estimated to be worth millions of dollars. The predecessors of the Murdaugh family have indeed served in ‌top positions in law in South California.

He has been practicing law after learning from his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather; who have been in the law firm for many decades.

In addition, Alex Murdaugh has been accused of many wrongdoings including financial crimes, fraud schemes, and other indictments.

Alex Murdaugh Net worth

Although, Alex Murdaugh’s net worth is estimated to be about $1 million. His only source of income was working with the Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Eltzorth & Detrick Law firm, and served as a part-time prosecutor for the 14th judicial circuit, which was earlier run by his predecessors. 

Alex Murdaugh Net worth

According to reports. While working in the PMPED, he worked as an injury lawyer professional who helps to claim insurance benefits regarding the severity of the injury.

He reportedly earns around more than $250,000 per year. Yet, rumors float that he has more net worth than is in the papers. 

Other ways of Money

It is true that he has been charged with 71 new indictments; the latest alleging that he stole more than $8.5 million. These charges include several forms of financial crimes.

He was accused of swindling millions of money from the settlement of the wrongful death lawsuit of former housekeeper Gloria Satterfield.

The report suggests that the Satterfield family was owed $4.3 million in settlement and Alex diverted millions to his benefit. Neither the family of Satterfield was aware of the settlement until recently, nor did they receive any payment regarding the matter.

Attorney Alex Murdaugh-Wealth

Moreover, he self-inflicted the claim for insurance money. It is believed that he hired a former client, Curtis Edward Smith to kill him in order to provide a better life for his son Buster, from the insurance payout. It is believed that his insurance policy is estimated to be around $10 million.

In addition, he was also alleged of taking over $338,000 from a client in 2015 as well as stealing another $70,000 check from another client, a year later.

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Alex had been frequently involved in schemes to launder money into his account. He has deposited several of the other clients’ checks into his accounts and several of them were given by an unnamed family member to get their hands on the money.

He would negotiate the settlement money for his clients and then deposit the checklist in his account, which was meant to pay for their suffering and loss. It is presumed that Alex targets minorities for these kinds of schemes.

All of his schemes were hindered when he was arrested for a convicted double murder and other fraud and financial crimes, ‌‌last October.

A judge had set $7 million for the bail and refused to reduce it. Alex’s lawyer has argued to lower the bond, as Murdaugh’s accounts are seized and he could barely afford to pay for the bail.

In a fresh development, reports suggest that Alex has a fresh alibi to prove to him that he was indeed visiting his sick parents on the day of the murder of his family. So far the investigators believe that he is the sole suspect in the murder.

So, in the case of a hard alibi, he may be ruled out of the murder. But the charges regarding financial crimes will probably drain his pocket. The family attorneys of the victims are clearly aware of the strategies of Alex Murdaugh. All of them are eagerly waiting to strip his wealth.

If all the charges go against the favor of Alex, then his current Net worth will crash down instantly.

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