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Who Is Jared Fogle? What Happened To Jared Fogle From Subway? Where Is He Now?



Who Is Jared Fogle? What Happened To Jared Fogle From Subway, Where Is He Now?

These taped conversations and pictures lured out his true personality to the public, which tarnished his image in front of the same American Household that gained fame. As he is now serving around 15 years, his earliest release date is March 24, 2029. 

According to reports, after his arrest, he spoke to the public in 2021, and he said to them that he was “royally screwed in prison”. He also expressed good art, such as how he runs miles every day and works out every day. He revealed that he lost another 180 pounds during his time in ‌prison.

Who Is Jared Fogle?

Jared Fogle was once a celebrated name in the American household for his unique weight loss program by eating a low-fat sub. He became widely famous and represented the weight loss campaign for Subway. He appeared in several advertising campaigns as the face of the company.

Who Is Jared Fogle? What Happened To Jared Fogle From Subway?

Jared Fogle was born in Indianapolis, Indiana to Norman and Adrienne Fogle on August 23, 1977. He gained the attention of the media and the public after he lost 245 lb of weight by eating subway sandwiches. He was featured in ‌Men’s Health Magazine for his weight loss diet.

In addition, Jared Fogle founded a nonprofit organization under the name Jared Foundation, which focuses on educating and providing awareness about childhood obesity via various programs.

For more than a decade he was the face of the Subway weight program. But everything went to vain after his true personality was forced out by ‌investigators back in 2015, which took the American public on a roller coaster ride. Most of the citizens did not believe that he could do something like that.

For What Jared Fogle Got Prisoned?

In 2015, Jared Fogle pleaded guilty to the charges of distribution of child pornography and attempting to ‌engage in sexual acts with a girl of age 17. Upon these counts, Fogle has been sentenced to 15 years in jail by the Judge. According to the judge, a minimum of thirteen is required for him to change his behavior along with enrolling in programs for sex offenders.

Who Is Jared Fogle? What Happened To Jared Fogle From Subway? Where Is He Now?

Currently, he is serving his time in the FCI Englewood. It is presumed that the American pedophile might be a better person after his release from serving in his prison. Although, no matter how much saint he becomes, the stain will always remain on his life forever. He was assaulted by a jail mate named Steven Rigg, who revealed that he just couldn’t be around a child-molesting beast and he loses control which led to an attack on Fogle.

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What Happened To Jared Fogle From Subway?

Jared Fogle’s fall from the peak began in 2006 when he appeared on Herman’s local Florida radio show, where she found her personality offending and disturbing. She was further shocked when he whispered about his interest in young girls. In order to exploit the sinister behavior of Jared Fogle, Herman decided to get close to him and expose his pedophilic personality. Even though solid recordings, it was not enough for the police to file a case against him as it was all taken without his awareness. Hence, she became an informant for the officials, but she couldn’t find anything hard on him to accuse him of.

But the door opened for his arrest when Russel Taylor, who served as the director of the Jared Foundation, was arrested. During the raid of Taylor’s home, officials found that Taylor had ‌sent videos of child pornography to Jared Fogle. Within three months of Taylor’s arrest, Jared Fogle’s house was raided in July 2015 in Zionsville, Indiana.

The police found multiple child pornographies. Upon his arrest, several other allegations with proof were released as he paid a 17-year-old at a plaza hotel in Manhattan. In the message he responded to the dealer, he allegedly told that he craved a much younger age and he admitted that he could pay more for underage.

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