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Why Did Kyle Chrisley Lose Custody Of Chloe?



Why Did Kyle Chrisley Lose Custody Of Chloe

Kyle Chrisley was a former reality star who is struggling with plenty of battles today. According to the authorities, Kyle was arrested on the charges of aggravated assault with his supervisor. Facing continuous legal troubles, the former TV star got caught by Tennessee’s Smyrna Police Department.

In one of the press releases, the police said that Kyle was working for the Penske Truck Rental when he fought with the supervisor and even brandished one of the fixed blades. Kyle’s arrest came after his father Todd Chrisley began his prison sentence of 12 years. Not only them but his stepmother also began a 7-year sentence at the Federal Prison Camp.

What Happened With Chloe Custody?

Those who have been following the family’s updates must be familiar with Kyle’s daughter Chloe whom he had with Angela. In 2012, Chloe was born and Kyle finally lost the custody battle in 2016 and this happened because of his drug addiction.

Why Did Kyle Chrisley Lose Custody Of Chloe-Angela chrisley

Talking about this issue, it was revealed by Todd Chrisley in 2014 that Kyle is bipolar. When people have this tendency, they generally go for self-medication. With Kyle, this process has been going on since he was young.

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Apart from this father, Kyle Chrisley’s ex also came forward to reveal some details. She said that while she was pregnant, Kyle used to grab and choke her. A point came when Kyle got so angry that he came to her with a knife. This happened when Angela was holding Chloe in her arms. He was continuously talking about stabbing her with the knife. Kyle also threw some pill bottles to hit her and Chloe.

That’s when this former reality TV star was charged and imprisoned and the custody of the kid was in question.

Chrisley Lose Custody Of Chloe

This left Angela and Todd to take care of the child. Soon, Angela was also arrested by the police on the basis of filing the wrong application to get medical assistance. This left Todd, Kyle’s father with the sole custody of Chloe Chrisley.

But Todd Chrisley was also put behind bars on the basis of Tax evasion and bank fraud. When this happened, Angela came forward to plead and say that the case should be closed because she wants to get back to her daughter. Kyle’s sister Savannah Chrisley said that she would definitely get custody of Chloe when both of her parents are locked up. This didn’t settle well with Angela as she wanted her daughter.

But today, what Savannah said turned true and the custody of Chloe along with Grayson (the teenage son of Todd and Julie) is now with her.

Sharing her experience about the custody of kids, Savannah Chrisley talked about it on her podcast called “Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley”. There she admitted that there were some struggles when she was battling for the custody of Chloe and Grayson.

Talking about her emotional ride, Savannah said that she had a complete breakdown last night and when she was trying to find decent clothes and hair accessories for Chloe when they had to visit her grandparents, she just sat on the ground and began to cry. Continuing to talk about the journey, she said that she isn’t a mother and has no clue how she would do everything. Savannah doesn’t feel that she is worthy or has what it takes to do the job that she has to do all her life.

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Sharing a few details about Chloe, Savannah told her listeners how she was doing a great job and made ramen for her sibling, She also talked about how the family meals are planned.

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