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Who Is Harry Styles Girlfriend? Harry Styles And Emily Ratajkowski Dating



Who is Harry Styles's Girlfriend Is Harry Styles And Emily Ratajkowski Dating

The “Watermelon Sugar” singer has left his fans dazzled after a video pops out displaying his latest romance. The video shows Harry Styles kissing the 31-year-old model and actress, Emily Ratajkowski.

The couple was spotted kissing unconditionally in the streets of Tokyo while leaning into the vehicle. Harry was wearing a white collared shirt mounted with a black overcoat and same-colored pants. Meanwhile was hiding in a stunning outfit under the pink-colored jacket.

This confirms that Harry Styles has moved on from his last relationship with Olivia Wilde since the couple decided to separate ways ‌‌last November.

Harry and Emily were initially spotted together alongside ‌her daughters at a concert held on November 15. That makes the recent kissing video the second time in front of the Public

Is Harry Styles And Emily Ratajkowski Dating?

It appears that the couple will soon confirm their relationship. For both of them, this could be the start of their long journey. Heads up to the netizens and fans for more frequent outings of the couple.

Both of the celebrities had their own bomb-dropping relationships in the past.

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Harry Style’s Previous Girlfriend

Caroline Flack

Harry’s initial romance link dates back to 2011 when he was only 17 years old. While casting for the “X Factor” he met its presenter Caroline Flack. At the time Caroline was 32 years old. The couple reached huge criticism for their age back.

They decided to break up their relationship after being severely criticized by the public and social media users. Their talk became so trending that they had to decide to call off the relationship.

Emily Atack

However, ‌criticism from the first relationship further fueled the English singer to date ‌older women. Following the break up with Caroline, he started dating Emily Atack who is three years older than her. This time he didn’t gain any criticism regarding their age difference, it was not an issue when they were only a few years apart.

The couple drifter their ways after a short-lived relationship. It appears that the couple broke up after dating for a couple of months.

Taylor Swift

Harry never failed to impress the talents of the Hollywood era. Amid multiple celebrities, Harry managed to get into a relationship with Taylor Swift. The flame of the spark ‌diminished between the couple after dating for a short time. They were presumed to be broken up in 2012.

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole was 35 years old when she dated 19-year-old Harry Styles. This indicates that Harry clearly likes older women than him. The “Killer Love” singer and Harry Styles met during the set of “The X Factor”. It is not clear when and how the relationship ended.

Rumors suggest that they were not seriously dating and only hooking up for a while before deciding to go the other way.

Kendall Jenner

The internet became too hot to handle when Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner. The couple was spotted visiting restaurants together. Due to certain reasons, the couple had to distance themselves from each other

‌Harry and Jenner got back in 2015, which was a year later from the first breakup. Despite their effort, they didn’t lack the need for it now.

The list of ‌women he dated still has not ended. It is believed that he is romantically involved with Tess Ward, California Rove, and Kiko Mozubhara. It is unclear whether they both decided officially or was just a casual thing

Although, from what we see, Harry and Olivia Wilde were true to their hearts. He accompanied Olivia Wilde to a friend’s party. The couple didn’t last long as they ended their relationship in November 2022.

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