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Who Is Brittany Brewer And Ivy Webster? What Happened To Them? Cause Of Death



Who Is Brittany Brewer And Ivy Webster What Happened To Them Cause Of Death

Brittany Brewer and Ivy Webster are two teenagers who were found dead in an Oklahoma home along with five others. The girls who went missing over the weekend were named in an Amber alert, an alert issued by police when a child is missing or abducted and the situation denoted the life of the child is in high danger. 

Brittany Brewer And Ivy Webster: What Happened To Them?

16-year-old Brittany Brewer and 14-year-old Ivy Webster had gone to a sleepover at the house of Jesse McFadden’s. They were friends with his daughter, Tiffany. The case gets complex here as McFadden is a convicted criminal in multiple sex offense cases 

Brittany Brewer And Ivy Webster

The dead bodies have been identified as those of the teen girls by the police and are yet to be identified by a medical examiner. Eddy Rice, the Sheriff of Okmulgee County identified the girls’ bodies and also informed one of the other five was the lifeless body of Jesse McFadden. 

Rice stated that currently, he was in no position to give out any further information but he also said that the search team has found out everything that they were looking for. 

The bodies were discovered from a village side home situated approximately 50 miles south of Tulsa and in the east of the city of Henryetta. 

According to the police Ivy Webster left her home on Saturday and was to return back by 5 pm the next day. She had said that she was going to meet a friend in the McAlester area but later when her mother tried, she was not available to make contact on the mobile phone.

Police authorities have issued an Amber alert and requested those who have seen her to contact the police as soon as possible. 

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Brittany Brewer And Ivy Webster Death- Comments By Parents

Webster’s mother stated that Ivy Webster had told her about the sleepover with Tiffany McFadden and said that Brittany Brewer was also coming. She had given permission to her daughter but she was unaware that Tiffany’s father was a convicted sex criminal. 

Webster’s mother reported that she has not heard from her daughter ever since she left home. There was no news from Brittany and Tiffany either.

Oklahoma State Patrol stated that they have received calls saying Ivy Webster and Brittany Brewer were spotted together at 1.40 in the early morning on Monday.

Brewer’s father responded to the media that this was not the first time that Brittany had gone over to the McFadden’s. He added that his daughter was accompanied by Ivy Webster as well, and all of the previous visits have been uneventful. Brittany Brewer was selected for an upcoming pageant in Tulsa. 

Interestingly, at the same time, some other people who also went out of the grid are the two brothers of Tiffany, her mother Holly, and her father Jesse McFadden. 

Who Is The Suspect?

Tiffany’s grandmother, the mother of Holly McFadden, said that her daughter was fooled by Jesse. She was sure that it was he who killed her daughter and the others. 

Jesse McFadden - the suspect

Jesse McFadden was released from his prison serving time almost three years back after 16 years of conviction. It was in 2003 that he was put in jail for a first-degree rape case.

He was summoned by the court to appear on Monday for the trial of a 2016 incident that involved him engaging in inappropriate mobile sexual acts with a minor girl and possession of child pornography.

He used a mobile phone to do this while serving his time at the Jess Dunn Correctional Center. The police started searching for him but he failed to appear and when they found him he could no longer be tried or punished. 

A similar tragedy happened in Okmulgee County around six months back in which the corpses of four friends were discovered at a location near the place where Ivy was last seen alive. The body was in a limbless condition and was found dumped in the Deep Fork River. 

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