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Who Is Alexis Avila? The Teen Mother Who Threw Her Baby In The Dumpster



Who Is Alexis Avila The Teen Mother Who Threw Her Baby In The Dumpster

Alexis Avila is a young American woman who was sentenced by the court on Monday to sixteen years in prison for throwing her own baby into the dumpster. 

Who Is Alexis Avila? What Happened To Her Son?

The incident took place last year in New Mexico when Alexis Avila was eighteen years old. She threw her newborn son into a large trash container placed at the back of a shopping center. She was charged with two counts, one of first-degree murder and the second one of child abuse

Who Is Alexis Avila

The case took more than a year to reach a final verdict as the state judge upheld the mental health of the convicted at the time of the action. The infant however survived, being found by a group of three good Samaritans in the city of Hobbs. 

Alexis Avila during the investigation stated that she was completely unaware of the fact that she was pregnant. She added that she only became aware on the day on which she gave birth to the child. 

On Monday at the court, she said that she knew what she did was wrong and that the only person she actually owes an apology to was her own baby. 

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Punishments For The Heinous Crime

The details of her punishment were informed by the prosecutor of the case. Dianna Luce, the Fifth Judicial District Attorney, was the prosecutor of the case. Luce condemned Alexis Avila’s action and in an issued statement called the same an especially heinous crime. 

William Shoobridge. One of the judges of the case asked Alexis to consider herself of being lucky and having the grace of god or others her son would have died. And that would have resulted in her having to face charges of murder. 

The legal regulations of New Mexico lets its residents to take babies up to 90 days after birth to care homes without any charges of child abandonment. 

The netizens are angered that even after having such a privilege why Alexis had to throw her baby into the dumpster and let go of part of motherhood but ‘how can a human of flesh and blood do that to an infant?’

Initially, she was sentenced to 18 years in prison which was then cut short to 16 years. Two years were removed considering Alexis’s mental health condition at the time of the action and her age at the time of the crime. 

The newborn was found after five hours in the dumpster in cold temperatures and it was quite a miracle that the child was alive.

The good Samaritans who passed by were looking through the rubbish container in Hobbs near the Texas border. When the baby boy was found he had his umbilical cord still attached to him. 

Future Of Alexis Avila Baby

Alexis Avila was found guilty after examining the video clippings available on the surveillance camera. When the Police officers visited her for the first time she did not deny what she had done.

She confessed and said that she had given birth at home and that she was worried about the upbringing of the child. 

Alexis Avila said that now when she thinks about what she has done she does regret her action but back then she had not currently thought it through. She said that she does love her son to whom she gave birth.

Avila reflected guilt when she admitted that she did deny her son the motherly love that he deserves. Alexis recalled what she had done to him right at the beginning of his first hours after being born and was sure that he will have that on his head all the time he lives. 

The judge after sentencing 16 years said to her that the life sentence was given to her not by the judge or the court by herself. And that she has given the same life sentence to her child as well.

The judge added that what she has done has caused her to deal with something very hard that will remain the same even after many years in prison. 

She is to continue with her treatment and medication while serving the sentence. Alexis Avila, also, can continue with her higher education. 

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