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Deion Patterson Wife: Is The Atlanta Gunman Married? All About His Family



Deion Patterson Wife Is The Atlanta Gunman Married All About His Family

Deion Patterson is the suspect in Wednesday’s Atlanta mass shooting in the Laureate Medical City. Patterson is suspected of killing a 39-year-old woman and injuring four others during this fire. 

After seven hours-long manhunts by the police in Georgia, police arrested Deion Patterson from Cobb County. The CCTV footage led the police to identify the suspect even though finding him was difficult. 

According to reports, Patterson was captured by an undercover team, and a handgun was recovered during the arrest. 

The mother of the suspect stated that they had visited the hospital to obtain anxiety medicine for her son before the shooting. She reported that he became agitated in the hallway.

Who Is Deion Patterson?

A few details regarding Deion Patterson are available as of now. Authorities have confirmed that Patterson was a former member of the US Coast Guard

Before being released in January 2023, he had been serving since July 2018 and was employed as an Electrician’s Mate Second Class.

Deion Patterson

According to reports, the most recent address Patterson has listed is in Jonesboro, which is 20 miles South of Atlanta. His residence is in Hanover, Maryland, close to the Baltimore-Washington International Airport. 

As per several records, in 2017, Clayton County filed DUI, fleeing the scene, inappropriate lane, and no insurance charges against Deion Patterson.

Additionally, a 2020 traffic infraction out of St. Louis, Missouri, was uncovered during an initial search. The Henry County Sheriff’s Office reports that Deion Patterson was detained twice in 2017 for violating his probation after being detained twice in 2015 for possession of marijuana

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Who Is Deion Patterson Wife? Is He Married?

Since the news regarding the arrest of Deion Patterson came out, many are searching for personal information about Patterson. 

Deion Patterson Wife Is He Married

The marital status of Dieon Patterson is being investigated, but no information about his partner has been made public. He seems to be single and not married at the moment. 

His marriage before has not been discussed in detail. He hasn’t shared anything about it and it doesn’t seem like his family is associated with the matter. It is possible that the suspect is not yet married or engaged, depending on his age.

Deion Patterson Parents

Mr. Deion Patterson and Minyomne Patterson are Deion’s father and mother. There is no other information about Deion Patterson’s family, with the exception of Minyone Patterson, who is providing police with information about her son. 

Minyone Patterson, Patterson’s mother, stated that her son had become angry in the hospital lobby. As per the reports, As per the reports, his mother said a medication that he had taken made him disturbed and he just needed medicine for anxiety for the tension he had.

Updates On The Mass Shooting

Deion Patterson was detained by the US Marshal services on Wednesday night after he is suspected of killing one woman and injuring four others in Midtown Atlanta. 

Police claim that Deion Patterson started shooting at the medical facility’s waiting room on the 11th floor. 

He only stayed for two minutes. People were advised not to go through Midtown, especially on West Peachtree Street between 12th and 13th Streets.

The shooting in Laureate medical city, Atlanta, only claimed the lives of women. Amy St. Pierre, 39, has been identified as the dead. The other injured people were aged 71, 56, 39, and 25. Three of the injured required emergency surgery since they were in serious condition.

Amy St.Pierre, the woman who died in the mass shooting, was a staff at the Laureate medical city of Atlanta. The CDC issued a statement expressing their sorrow and sympathies for St. Pierre’s unfortunate demise. 

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