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Who Is Deion Patterson? All About The Atlanta Mass Shooting Suspect



Who Is Deion Patterson All About The Atlanta Mass Shooting Suspect

Police in Atlanta announced the capture of the Atlanta Laureate medical center mass shooting suspect, Deion Patterson. Authorities provide an update on the hours-long manhunt that ended with the capture of the person suspected of opening fire at an Atlanta medical facility, killing one person and injuring more. 

Who Is Deion Patterson? How Was He Involved In The Shooting?

In a mass shooting on Wednesday in the medical center waiting area, one person was killed and four others were injured. 

According to police, On Wednesday night after an hour-long manhunt, the suspect was identified as Deion Patterson, 24. He was arrested in the Cobb County condo complex. 

Who Is Deion Patterson

Police stated that the incident took place after noon inside a waiting area at Laureate Medical Center on West Peachtree Street, between 12th and 13th streets.

Deion Patterson, who was recently released from the Coast Guard, had initially gone to the facility on Wednesday for a medical checkup with his mother. 

While sitting in the waiting room of the Laureate medical center, Deion Patterson became agitated out of nowhere. According to Atlanta Police Department Chief Darin Schierbaum, he shot five women, killing one of them on the spot. 

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Atlanta Mass Shooting Victims

As per the reports from the hospital where the victims were taken to, of the four people who were shot and hurt, three are in serious condition and one is being treated in the emergency room. 

All four who were shot include women of 71, 56, 39, and 25. The woman who was shot dead was 39 years old. The Atlanta-based Center for Disease Control (CDC) identified her as Amy St. Pierre, one of the staff at the medical facility. 

In a statement, the CDC expressed its deep sorrow over the unexpected loss of a colleague who died in the mass shooting. They added that their prayers and thoughts are with her beloved ones as they mourn that tragic loss. 

In a photo of Mr. Deion Patterson Taken from the camera at the facility, he was in a grey hoodie and black pants with white sneakers, a white medical mask, and a tan tactical bag over his abdomen. 

Deion Patterson: Arrest Of The Atlanta Mass Shooting Suspect

Following the shooting, police spent eight hours looking for Deion Patterson. Using surveillance footage from the hospital and other businesses, Atlanta police claimed they were able to follow Patterson to a Shell gas station nearby, where they claimed he took a pickup truck that had been stopped running and unattended. 

After some time passed and the truck’s tag number was entered into the police’s license plate reading system, it was discovered that Patterson had fled the city and entered Cobb County. 

The Atlanta police collaborated with Cobb County police enforcement, who throughout the day and evening got several leads. A 911 call provided the tip that ultimately led to the suspect’s capture.

With the leads, both uniformed and undercover officers were able to locate Deion Patterson and took him into custody without further incident. 

Radiation oncologist Dr. Ahmed Ali said he noticed armed police officers in the area as he was walking from his lunch break. He was worried about what was happening.

Ali was informed by the building security about the incident. When the elevator doors opened, Ali claimed that there was a pool of blood there.

During the search for Mr. Peterson, the authorities of Crime Stoppers offered a $10,000 reward for those who gave any information regarding the suspect.

Mr. Petterson was arrested before at Henry County for the possession of marijuana. According to the report, the suspect was a member of the US Coast Guard.

Deion Patterson joined the US Coast Guard in July 2018 and was discharged in January 2023. While discharged from the Coast Guard, Mr. Petterson served as an Electrician’s mate Second Class. 

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