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Who Was Micah Meggs? Olivia Plath Brother Died In An Accident



Who Was Micah Meggs Olivia Plath Brother Died In An Accident

On Thursday, a vehicle hit and killed the 15-year-old brother of reality star Olivia Plath while he was riding his electric bike. Micah Meggs was struck by a Honda Accord and died shortly after in Franklin County, Virginia. 

People have been curious to know what actually caused the death of Olivia Plath’s brother Micah Meggs. Let’s go through Micah Megg’s cause of death and accident to know more about him. 

Who Is Micah Meggs?

A young boy from the United States of America named Micah Meggs gained attention after it was revealed that he was Olivia Plath’s younger brother. 

Micah Meggs

His sister Olivia is a rising television personality who rose to fame after taking part in the Welcome To Plathville TLC reality series. 

Micah Meggs is the ninth child of Don and Karen’s ten children.  He was born into a family with parents, grandparents, siblings  Joshua, Elijah, Elise, Nathan, Olivia, Sophia, Lydia, Carris, and Kirsten, as well as nieces and nephews. 

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Micah Meggs Death: Details Of The Accident

Micah Meggs, the younger brother of Olivia Plath, was killed on Thursday when his electric bike was hit by a car. Meggs was just 15 years old and the family is mourning the untimely death of him. 

According to Meggs’s family, he was suffering from cerebral palsy due to the brachial plexus, a network of nerves in the shoulder injured before delivery. 

Meggs was reportedly hit by a Honda Accord that was supposedly traveling in the same lane and direction as him at approximately 10 p.m.

Meggs was at the time traveling on his electric bike in the right lane of a crowded highway. The accident happened less than one mile north of Virginia 619.

The Honda driver wasn’t injured and survived the accident safely. Police have withheld the person’s identity, age, and gender for privacy concerns. 

They have stated that the accident is under investigation and that they would provide updates soon as possible.  However, Megg’s family is grieving his passing and has requested for donation to the United Brachial Plexus Network (UNBPN). 

The Devastated Family Micah Meggs

The loss of Micah Meggs, a beloved family member, has left the family of Olivia Plath in deep sorrow. The death of Meggs was disclosed by Olivia through her social media account. 

Olivia Plath Brother-Micah Meggs

On Tuesday, Olivia stated that she was on a break from social media as her brother Meggs passed away last week.

Following the announcement, everyone started paying respects to the deceased person, and the family of Olivia also got a flood of sympathy and condolence notes.

According to Megg’s family, he was constantly trying to spread happiness to people who were close to him.

He enjoyed spending time with his brothers and a select group of close friends, where he would play practical jokes, share his subtle sense of humor, and make people laugh. 

Some of his relatives stated that he characterized his life with fun-loving and courageous determination. 

Micah Meggs spends most of his time outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, and trapping. He developed into a skilled outdoorsman, remarked some family members.

The only thing he liked more than showing off his accomplishments was watching how-to videos on living the life he found most fulfilling.

His family stated that although Megg’s cerebral palsy made it difficult for him to do the things that he valued so much; he never complained or allowed himself to be confined by his condition. Meggs always finds a way to continue his outdoor interests despite this hardship. 

Olivia and her family said that Micah Meggs has brought a great deal of joy, laughter, and love into each individual he touched, and his presence will be greatly missed. 

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