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Who Was Jermaine Burnett? Columbia Shooting Suspect Died After Self-Inflicted Gunshot



Who Was Jermaine Burnett Columbia Shooting Suspect Died After Self-Inflicted Gunshot

Jermaine Burnett, a shooting suspect was found dead inside the building on Tuesday. According to an assistant chief with the Columbia Police Department (CPD), a shooting suspect was found dead inside the building on Tuesday with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. 

Who Was Jermaine Burnett? What Happened To Him?

CPD Assistant Chief Jeremiah Hunter said that the suspect, Jermaine M. Burnett, was found dead inside the residence after Boone County’s Sheriff’s deputies had entered. 

Who Was Jermaine Burnett

The officials found the dead after nearly a four-hour standoff on Tuesday, said Jeremiah Hunter. 

According to Hunter, the University of Missouri Police Department will conduct an investigation.

People in the area were scared and were restricted to enter the building until investigations is done. He then declared that it was safe for people to go back to their houses. 

The residents of the apartment building where the incident took place were asked to move for some time during the standoff. Now, they are being let back into their apartments. 

According to Hunter, the police will assist individuals in getting back to their apartments.

In an earlier attempt to evacuate the suspect in a shooting in south Columbia from an apartment, Police deployed gas. After the suspect fire at them, the police also has to retaliate from there. 

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Who Was The Victim Of The Columbia Shooting?

On Tuesday, Police were attempting to make contact with Jermaine Burnett, the suspect in the shooting murder of a woman on Monday in the South Columbia area. 

The Columbia Police Department reported on Tuesday that, the shooting on Tayside Circle in the Highland neighborhood resulted in the death of Janet L. Jago, a 72-year-old woman. 

Additionally, workers had closed up the South Providence Roa entrance to the Forest Village apartment building on Tuesday afternoon. 

Janet Jago, the victim of the fatal shooting in the Highland neighborhood, was married to Art Jago.

he was a retired professor from the University of Missouri who campaigned unsuccessfully for a position on the Columbia City Council in the Fifth Ward.

Explanation Of The Strange Events

Hunter reported that two people who the police suspect to be hostages turned themselves in on Tuesday afternoon.

Burnett claimed on Tuesday afternoon that crisis negotiators attempted to evacuate him from the apartment on the second floor. 

As Hunter stated on Tuesday, Jermaine Burnett is familiar with the residents of the apartment building. 

Burnett and the officers exchanged gunfire, but no one was harmed. Hunter claimed that in addition to using gas, Police also tried to bring down the suspect. Reports stated that Jermaine Burnett has rejected the medical care too. 

Hunter claimed Burnett’s gun, which he used to shoot at the officers, had a rifle-like sound. 

Burnett has been speaking on the phone with law enforcement. He told them that he is going to surrender, but hasn’t done so. 

The manager of the apartment complex issued an email warning to the residents telling them to beware of the man. 

On Monday afternoon, officers were called to an ongoing robbery in the Highlands community on Tayside Circle.

According to Toni Messina, a spokeswoman for the Columbia Police Department, when they arrived, they discovered a woman who had been shot in the chest and performed CPR on her. 

The victim was brought to a nearby hospital and eventually identified as Janet L. Jago. 

After monitoring him since Monday night, police finally identified the culprit late Tuesday morning, which brought them to the apartment where the suspect Jermaine Burnett resided. 

Jermaine Burnett Other Accusations

According to Roger Johnson, the prosecuting attorney for Boone County, his office has spoken with the detectives and looked at search warrant requests related to the case. 

Jermaine M. Burnett was charged on Tuesday in connection with a different incident. He was accused of causing second-degree property damage and two counts of second-degree domestic abuse on Friday. 

In April, he was also accused of resisting arrest as well as first-degree property damage, interfering with a motor vehicle. 

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