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John Rowan Aka Blackie Onassis Died: Life, Career, Cause Of Death, And More



John Rowan Aka Blackie Onassis Died Life, Career, Cause Of Death, And More

The death of John Rowan has shocked many of his fans and followers. John Rowan was one of the most talented drummers for the Urge Overkill, a famous rock band from the 90s.

He passed away at 57 in Los Angeles a day before. Let’s explore the cause behind his death, his relationship with Urge Overkill, and his sudden death’s impact on the band’s reputation over time.

John Rowan Cause Of Death

John Rowan performed under the name of Blackie Onassis. The exact reason behind his death is, however, not known.

John Rowan-Blackie Onassis

His family members took to their Instagram handles to inform about the sudden and tragic death of the famous rockstar.

That’s terrible news for the music industry. However, fans are interested in the reason behind his death, but no official communication has been made yet. 

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John Rowan Career

John joined Urge Overkill in 1991. He was responsible for the success of the band in the early 90s. John Rowan contributed to the growth of rock music.

He collaborated with the well-known guitarists of Urge Overkill, Nash, and King Roeser to produce one of the finest music ever. Their first song was ‘Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon.’

This song was featured in Quentin Tarantino’s film titled ‘Pulp Fiction.’ The song became a major hit in 1994. This song remained in the Top 40 of the US Billboard for almost a year.

Soon after that, in 1995, he produced yet another music label titled ‘Exit the Dragon’ This album became a massive hit over time.

John Rowan was recognized for bringing his energy to the Chicago-based brand. He introduced many changes in the mythology and style of the band.

He made the band undergo a makeover by launching 70s-inspired chic music for sophisticated ladies and gentlemen.

His creativity was responsible for garnering more excellent views about the band. People were attracted to the unique musical compositions.

Kato and Roeser played an essential role in shaping a new style for the band. Even today, the music he produced decades ago holds relevance and continues to adore the playlist of vintage music lovers. 

What Led To His Downfall?

Rowan was addicted to drugs such as heroin. Many of his fellow musicians have repeatedly mentioned that John Rowan was often hooked up to heroin.

His addiction took a toll on his health multiple times. He was also arrested once for illegally possessing heroin and coke.

Though his charges were soon dropped, and he was acquitted from custody, this incident resulted in impacting his career to a great extent. According to some sources, he also underwent a state of depression for some time after this scandal. 

However, this negative publicity impacted the reputation of the band to a great extent. Many of the members left their membership to pursue an individual career.

Kato was one of them. He released his first single album titled ‘Debutante’ in 2000, and after its success, there was no looking back for him.

Rowan played an essential role in the release of his colleague’s album. Soon after, in 2004, Rowan went backstage. None of his friends were in touch with him. He has not produced any albums since then. 

While the remaining members tried to assemble the band again, the Urge Overkill could not get as popular as it was before when John was a part of the venture.

John Rowan was an incredible musician. His contributions continue to add spark to the existing lives of all music lovers. He will always be remembered for his work.

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