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Cody Longo Cause Of Death: How Did The ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Actor Died?



Cody Longo Cause Of Death How Did The 'Days Of Our Lives' Actor Died

Cody Longo is a well-known artist who played the role of Nicholas Alamain in the soap opera. He was a successful star and rose to fame through his hard work, grit, strength, and courage.

He enjoyed a massive fan following over the period. However, on 8th February 2023, he was found dead at his home in Texas. He was only 34 when he passed away.

His death shocked his wife, Stephanie Longo, and three children. They were completely shattered. But what surprised them more was the unknown cause of his death.

Cody Longo Cause Of Death

This mystery of Cody Longo’s death has now been solved. The investigation agencies have officially released his autopsy report, according to which Cody died from chronic ethanol abuse.

Cody Longo

But the cause of this death was natural and not forceful. This has put all the speculations regarding his murder to rest. Cody Longo achieved success in a very short period in his career. He is remembered for his eventful role in Days of Our Lives and Hollywood Heights.

He also has a break from his music career for the time being. Little did he know that he would permanently enjoy a break from this world shortly after. Let’s unravel the details behind his death in the following way.

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What Exactly Happened?

It was 8th February of this year when Cody Longo was found dead at his home. According to the statement of the reporting officials, his body began decomposing by the time the police reached his home.

The entire premises were sealed from all sides. The officers reported that Cody Longo was lying on the floor surrounded by alcohol bottles. Some drugs had also been found in his possession and recovered from his closet. 

Soon after, he was taken to the hospital for an autopsy to find the real cause of his death. The reports were not revealed back then at the time of his death because the doctors and the investigation officers wanted to be sure about the entire situation.

Now that the reports have been cross-checked and confirmed, the cause of his death has been revealed.

The reports mentioned that excessive drinking was the cause of his death. His body didn’t accept the drugs he took that day, and he died on the spot due to excessive intake.

Cody Longo Death: Family Response

Cody Longo was caught amid a lot of legal troubles in all these years. He had various property disputes ongoing.

He was also involved in one of the spats with his co-stars. When he died, his family expressed the possibility of Cody being murdered by any of his allies.

The police also took into account this suspicion and accordingly took forward the investigation, but no clue or any lead was discovered in this regard. 

Now that all the truth has been revealed, it is important to note that Cody’s death has been a major loss to the industry.

He has always been an entertaining star who has tried his luck across different fields. He has worked in various reality shows in the capacity of a host.

His family continues to be in shock. In a recent interview, his daughters revealed how their lives have changed after the death of their father. It isn’t easy for them to live as they used to. They didn’t expect this to happen at all.

Cody Longo’s wife expressed her gratitude to the investigation officers for taking out time to complete this investigation and find out the real cause behind his death.

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